USC Student Support Services and Programs:

USC Student Support Services are student-run organizations that serve key interests of the Western community. As part of the Campus Issues portfolio, the services address the social, cultural, and societal issues that limit the academic experience and quality of life for Western students.


ALLY WESTERN  is a USC outreach program that organizes free educational workshops focusing on issues of sexuality, gender identity, mental health, culture, etc.  The primary objectives of the program are to:

  • Create a safe, accepting, and inclusive campus, where diversity is understood and embraced.
  • Reduce fear of discrimination or harassment.
  • Educate participants about social communities and unique student groups, and develop activities/workshops to build on those concepts.
  • Create a visible network of support.

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The Ethnocultural Support Service seeks to create a culturally inclusive University community, in which students’ unique backgrounds are positively embraced and celebrated, and do not negatively impact their student experience.

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The PrideWestern network aims to provide a resource and support system for students with questions regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, 2-Spirited, and Asexual (LGBTTQ2A) issues. The organization promotes awareness and advocacy on LGBTTQ2A issues brought about through a variety of programs, including the annual Pride Week, movie nights, socials, and coffee houses.

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The Women’s Issues Network is a USC service dedicated to recognizing, representing, and rectifying gender inequalities affecting UWO students. WIN is committed to providing a space free from racism, sexism, and homophobia as well as providing an educational resource centre on woman’s and gender issues. WIN Offers: Coffee Houses, awareness Days, V-Day, Feminine Hygiene Products, Study Space, Film Series and much more.


The USC Food Support Service is a completely anonymous food hamper distribution system. Food hampers can be requested through email and collected 24 hours a day.
Click HERE for request form.

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The Health and Wellness Support Service is a service that aims to improve the health and quality of life of all undergraduate students at Western. It aims to provide services and educate on issues surrounding mental health, healthy lifestyles, alcohol and substance abuse prevention and overall well-being.


Sexual Health & Consent Education Coordinator
This service works to educate on the paradigm of sexual violence, and works to prevent incidents of sexual violence by educating the campus community on consent and healthy relationships.  The service develops workshops for faculty, staff and students, and hold regular awareness programs on preventing sexual violence.



Rapid HIV Testing
The University Students’ Council will be providing free anonymous Rapid HIV Testing for all students. This service is being offered on an anonymous appointment basis.

E-mail for more information, or to book an appointment. Contact the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection directly, at, or (519) 434-1601.


The USC offers anonymous and confidential support groups which meet weekly for students struggling with body image and disordered eating habits in the Student Support Services Center, UCC 38.

For additional information regarding Hope’s Garden support groups and what is available for students, please visit the website at or contact Hope’s Garden directly, at, or (519) 434-7721.


Richard and Dana from the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection host discussion groups in the Student Support Services Center, UCC 38 on a monthly basis. The broad discussions are comprised of LGBT issues that affect students. Suggestions are welcome.

For additional information regarding LGBT groups and what is available for students throughout, please visit the website at


USC Value Added Services:

We have tried to enrich your time at Western by offering innovative services that support and complement life at UWO:

The USC/LTC Bus Pass provides for unlimited city bus transportation for all Full Time undergraduates at Western. The program is effective from September 1st through August 31st annually. Visit for more info.

The Student Health Plan
 covers yearly benefits specifically designed for student needs. Visit for more information.

The Registered Dietitian is available to make sure you are eating well. Visit for more information.

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