Policies and Bylaws


This PDF contains all of the current by-laws, policies, and procedures of the University Students’ Council.
Updated April 22, 2024.


Please note: we’re working to update our governance policies, we appreciate your patience!

Supplemental documents and reports are included in the categories listed below, with a brief description of the category’s contents.

Internal Sources

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (.pdf)

  • This 2022-27 accessibility plan outlines the policies and actions that the University Students’ Council will maintain and continue in order to improve opportunities for people with disabilities.

Ancillary Fees (.pdf)

  • A standing policy of the USC advocating for student controls on ancillary fees and the nature and affordability of such fees.
  • Original Ancillary Fees “Purple Paper”, published in 2012.

Performance Based Funding  (.pdf)

  • PBF is a system whereby a portion of an institution’s funding allocation is contingent on meeting specific performance metrics.

Open Educational Resources  (.pdf)

  • A standing policy of the USC advocating for the creation and implementation of an open educational resource pilot project.
  • Approved by Council in March 2016. For review in 2022/23.

Student Employment (.pdf)

  • For the USC, student employment should be a top priority because of the benefits it adds to the lives of students.
  • Approved by Council in February 2018. For review in 2020/21.

Teaching Stream Tenured Faculty (.pdf)

  • A standing policy of the USC advocating for the implementation of teaching-focused faculty within the University and a greater emphasis of teaching as a responsibility of faculty.
  • Approved by Council in March 2016.  For review in 2022/23.


Policies and procedures relating to the communications strategies of the USC. Example: Social Media Usage Policy.

USC Visual Identity Guideline

  • A guideline to creating a cohesive brand and vision for the USC through regulation of the USC’s visual identity. Contains regulations for the display of the USC logo and how to present the USC’s brand on stationary, Power Point presentations, and business cards.

Procedures relating to the USC Elections. 

Nomination Forms
  • Faculty President Nomination Form (.pdf)
  • Constituency Representative/Councillor Nomination form (.pdf)
  • Note: Senator and Board of Governors Nomination Forms are available through the Western Secretariat

OUSA Review 2010

  • A review of the USC’s membership in the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance from the Council year 2009/10.
CASA Review 2013
  • A review of the USC’s membership in the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations from the Council year 2012/13.
OUSA Review 2014
  • A review of the USC’s membership in the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance from the Council year 2013/14.

Policies and procedures relating to USC financial practices, including distribution of external grants. Examples: Travel Policy, Grants Fund Policy.

Documents and policies relating to Grant Applications, the Grants Committee and the Grants Fee.

Grants Application (.doc, .pdf)
  • This is the Grant Application that will be the foundation throughout the 2015/2016 academic term. The Grants Committee may make revisions where they feel as though the application is not targeting the necessary information.
Grants Guide (.doc, .pdf)
  • This document helps provide guidance to the application process and contains criteria that is used in the adjudication process of the Grants Committee.

Policies and procedures relating to the creation and amendment of the USC’s Long-Term Strategic Plan and previous iterations of the Strategic Plan.

Long Term Plan – “Dear Students” 2017
  • Outlining our Vision, values and areas of focus.
Strategic Plan – 2012
  • A reference document for the Corporation to provide strategic direction for all facets of the Corporation.
Tactical Plan – 2010-11
  • A guide to the execution of the previous strategic plan, A Vision to Lead. Specifies areas of action that should be undertaken to meet the expectations of the strategic plan and identifies the individuals responsible for carrying them out.
A Vision to Lead (2009)
  • A previous strategic plan of the USC. Superseded by the 2012 Strategic Plan.
Built To Lead/ Executive Summary (2006)
  • A previous strategic plan of the USC. Superseded by A Vision to Lead. See attached Executive Summary for an introduction to the plan.
From Gauntlet to Stairway (2002)
  • A previous strategic plan of the USC. Superseded by Built to Lead.

The Orientation program behaviour management system functions under a complaints-driven model. Any person may file a complaint against, or raise an issue involving, an orientation leader, Soph, or Soph team, where it is perceived that the individual(s) or group(s) acted in a manner not in compliance with the Orientation Leader Contract, constituency-specific contract(s), Western University’s Code of Student Conduct and Affiliated University College Codes of Student Conduct, and/or the spirit and goals of the Orientation program.

Complaints can be submitted in three ways:

  1. Through an online form found here: https://westernusc.forms-db.com/view.php?id=179959,
  2. To report a complaint in person, complainants can request an appointment by emailing studentconduct@uwo.ca.
  3. Complaints may also be submitted through email to studentconduct@uwo.ca. The complainant’s name, contact number and brief description of the concern must be included in the email.

For more information about how to submit a complaint, the investigation process, what possible infractions warrant a complaint, and/or how to submit an appeal, please read our Soph Behaviour Policy Management Policy.

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