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The USC believes that there should also be student opportunities to grow as leaders, thinkers, and creators outside of the classroom.

Whether you are looking for income from a part-time job — right here on campus! — or to gain experiential learning to supplement your education, continue reading to find out what opportunities await you….

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Elevate your career with our professional opportunities. Discover roles aligned with your aspirations and volunteer positions that make a meaningful impact on campus. Grow professionally and personally as part of our thriving community.

We are constantly seeking dedicated students to fill roles within the USC. We offer opportunities for both convenient part-time work in the heart of campus and volunteer positions that give you a rewarding way to enhance life at Western.

Mental Health Wellness Day

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The Peer Support Centre is a safe space within the UCC, designed for people to access resources provided by Western, the USC or the City of London depending on their specific needs. Applying for the Peer Support Center is a great way to get involved with the USC as it promotes community building and helping your peers through whatever predicament they may be facing. If you are passionate about helping others and providing support to those who need it, then this may be the right fit for you.
As a Peer Support volunteer, you will often be talking to students in a peer to peer support structure within a confidential space. The Peer Support Centre operates throughout the academic year, and it is open from 10 am – 4 pm.

Food Support is a USC student service that is dedicated to bridging the gaps of food insecurity on campus, so that students do not have to worry about going hungry, and can continue to reach their full potential at school. Food Support Volunteers are crucial to keeping Food Support operations running smoothly. As a Food Support volunteer, you are expected to assist in operating the food bank, events, and the confidential food hamper service. This is a great way to get involved with the USC and create a positive and direct impact in your community.

The USC Ethnocultural Support Services are dedicated to raising awareness regarding the multitude of diverse racial, indigenous and religious issues on campus. Part of the Mission at Ethnocultural Support Services is to advocate for the creation of programs with the purpose of educating students about topics of diversity, cultural and religious issues, the importance of multiculturalism as a whole. If you enjoy creating opportunities for education around cultural and religious issues for students on campus, volunteering with Ethnocultural Support Services may be the right fit for you! It’s a great way to be part of fostering an inclusive environment for students on campus. For more information about executive and volunteer positions, application process, and more, please email

The USC Public Arts commission strives to foster platforms for students to express their spirit and values through various art forms. These platforms and programming are not limited to coffeehouses, pop-up galleries, silent auctions, paint nights, and more. If you’re looking to promote students having a means of expressing themselves artistically, then this is the opportunity for you! For more information on how to get involved, please refer to the Public Arts Instagram or contact for the latest opportunities.

Pride USC is a USC-funded advocacy group and support service that leads an anti-racist, decolonial lens approach for 2SLGBTQIA+ liberation locally on campus and in the surrounding London area. PrideUSC is dedicated to ensuring that the Western campus is inclusive and celebratory of all 2SLGBTQIA+ identities so that every day feels like Pride. If you’re passionate about 2SLGBTQIA+-centric issues and want to contribute to creating a more inclusive space for 2SLGBTQIA+ students on campus, then this is where you belong! For information on getting involved, keep an eye out on all our social media channels.

The Board of Directors focuses on the business side of the USC. They approve the council’s budget each year and assess any financial risks or opportunities. They also develop strategic plans to assist the USC in fulfilling their obligations to the student body.

Similar to members of parliament, USC Councilors are the USC’s legislative body. The USC Councilors are elected by students every year, and represent the faculty they run for. Every faculty has a number of councilor positions that various student leaders run for each year. Councilors represent the interests of the students they represent, and vote on motions that decide what policies and initiatives are implemented by the USC. Elections take place towards the end of every academic year. To stay up to date on election dates, workshops and information on the processes, keep an eye on the WesternUSC socials.

Associate Vice Presidents are hired by each executive, and help oversee their specific portfolios operations and team. There are 5 portfolios for which AVP’s are hired: Communications and Public Affairs, Student Services, Orientation and Programming, University Affairs, and External Affairs. The AVP’s serve as a right hand assistant to their VP’s, and assist in the execution of their portfolio which allows the Executive and AVP to learn from one another to improve existing processes and give new perspectives. Hiring takes place towards the end of every academic year. To keep to date with the latest opportunities, follow the USC on our socials!

Each portfolio hires a number of coordinators to engage students in a meaningful way. This includes supporting programming interests and advocacy platforms of the USC executive. As resource providers, service programmers, event planners, social educators, policy writers, and creative designers, coordinators contribute immensely to the overall student experience at Western. If you are passionate about improving the student experience here at Western, then this may be the right role for you. Hiring takes place during the summer. For the latest information and to stay up to date with the latest opportunities, follow the USC on our social medias.

Orientation is one of the biggest events hosted by USC every year. it is a week-long event catered towards first-year students in order to welcome them to Western and also facilitate friendships along the way. Faculty Sophs provide their first-year students with robust social and academic transitions and act as a support during orientation week and throughout the Academic Year. If you are passionate about facilitating an environment for healthy Community Building and like to support your peers, this is the right position for you. Hiring takes place in the middle of the winter semester. To stay up to date on the latest opportunities, follow the USC on our social media.

Interns support the operations side of the USC. With 7 different positions available, interns work full time throughout the year to ensure that the roadmap of the USC is implemented effectively throughout the year. Each intern contributes an important piece of the USC operations, and have the opportunity to work on special projects in their respective fields. Positions include: Human Resources, Marketing and Catering, Photography and Videography, Student Feedback, Web Development, Social Media and Graphic Design. Hiring takes place towards the end of every academic year. To keep to date with the latest opportunities, follow the USC on our socials.

The USC Productions Crew is a part-time employment opportunity for students to impact student life and engagement at USC. Productions staff assist in carrying out both small, and large scale events and programming. If you’re looking for a way to make a positive impact on the student experience here at Western, then this is the opportunity for you. For more information on hiring, please visit our Opportunities page.

The USC facilitates the existence of over 200 clubs here at Western. each Club has its executive team that is responsible for running the club’s operations, programming, initiatives and events. With over 200 clubs choose from, there’s something for everyone. To keep up with Club executive opportunities, follow your Club of preferences social media for the latest opportunities.

The Clubs Governance Board enforces and oversees policies and procedures that ensure fairness in club culture. The CGB’s Vision is to create a community that supports leadership opportunities among students in a welcoming environment that supports the interest of the club’s community. Additionally the Club’s Governance Board provides clubs with support to ensure they meet their strategic long-term goals for growth and development.

The Wave and Spoke are our beloved on-campus restaurants run by students for students.  The wave and the spoke hire students all year round and provide flexibility based on a schedule to ensure that students can work a part-time job and fulfill their academic commitments with minimal pressure. To apply, please visit our Opportunities page.

Each of these Services and Operations are owned and operated by the USC.
With a focus on students serving students, working there provides exceptional employment and development opportunities for our part-time staff. 

Governance Opportunities

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A Councillor is an undergraduate student who is elected by peers to represent their interests on the council floor. These students come from all the undergraduate faculties and professional schools, and are responsible for providing strategic direction for the organization.

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the corporate sides of the organization. They are assigned with approving Council’s yearly budget and assessing financial risks or opportunities. Other important functions include developing strategic plans to assist the USC in fulfilling their obligations to undergraduate students, as well as participating in the development of the USC’s organizational plan and annual review.

The Clubs Governance Board governs the clubs’ community on campus by enforcing and overseeing policies and procedures to ensure fairness in the clubs’ culture.

The Elections Governance Committee oversees all USC-run elections and by-elections. 

When a particular decision or action is brought forward for examination, the students on the Appeals Board determine whether or not that decision or action was justified or if it is an infringement on the University’s policies and bylaws. Students on the Appeals Board follow the principles of natural justice, advocating for fairness and good conscience to ensure the USC remains a fully democratic and proactive organization


Feel free to send us an e-mail for any questions or concerns.

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