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Each year, Western’s campus comes alive with student pride and ideas for the future during the Spring Election. From Faculty Presidents to your Student Executive, the undergraduate student body gathers to cast their vote to elect the new USC in February. 

Are you a student looking for information about candidates and the voting process? Please visit uscelections.ca

If you are a candidate, or thinking of running, please review the documents below:

By-law #2: Elections By-law
The rules and regulations that both the candidates and Elections Committee must abide by.

Elections Governance Committee Terms of Reference
Composition and mandate of the Elections Governance Committee.

Elections Governance Committee Campaign Finance Procedure
Processes for both candidates and the Elections Governance Committee involving campaign finances.

Elections Governance Committee Nominations Procedure
Process for candidates to complete a Nomination Form for a USC Election.

Elections Governance Committee Violation Policy
Outlines rules candidates must follow.

Elections Governance Committee Violations Procedure
Steps the Elections Governance Committee follows during an allegation, including hearings, investigations, and criteria of offenses.

Spending Limits
Candidates will be provided with an expense tracking sheet; they will be expected to submit the expense tracking sheet and supporting documentation (receipts) to the EGC by 4:00 pm on October 17th, 2023.

Please note that candidates and their campaign teams are responsible for reading and following the elections bylaws, policies, and procedures. If you have questions, please contact the Chief Returning Officer at cro@westernusc.ca

Nomination Forms
Nomination Forms can be found below and should be submitted to the USC Front Desk at UCC Room 340 by 4:30 p.m.

2023 Fall By-election Councillor Nomination Form [view here]

2023 Fall By-election Faculty President Nomination Form [view here]

All printed campaign materials and advertisements require approval by the CRO in advance of posting, printing, and/or distributing.

All candidates are required to submit an event proposal to the CRO for approval for any USC elections-related events (online events). This includes any “event” designed to connect students together for the purpose of campaigning. Please ensure proposals are submitted at least 48 hours prior to the intended event.

We take the integrity of our elections seriously, and expect all candidates to abide by the rules and regulations.  If you have any concerns about the conduct of a campaign, please let us know by submitting a violation notice below.

All candidates are required to use the expense tracker to track campaign expenses and be eligible for reimbursements. Original receipts must be submitted for each expense. Please ensure to submit the tracking sheets and original receipts by October 17th, 2023 @ 4pm.

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