Similar to Members of Parliament at the federal level, Councillors are the USC’s legislative body. Council is separate from the Student Executive but an equal partner in how the USC is run.

About us

What we do

USC Council, is the governing body of the USC and is made up of student representatives, just like you, who are elected by their peers to represent and advocate for their interests. Along with the USC Executive and Representatives from Senate and the USC Board of Directors, Councillors come from all of the undergraduate faculties and professional schools, and are responsible for understanding the business of council – suggesting changes to policies or initiatives as they see fit.

Where we meet, vote, and listen​

Council meetings take place once a month in the Community Room on the second floor of the University Community Centre (UCC) building. Meetings are open to all to attend, or you can watch the live stream page.

Councillors also attend their constituency council meetings to ensure your needs are met and your voice is heard. Have a question for your representative? All council members and their emails are listed below.

Council members

A councillor is an undergraduate student who is elected by peers to represent their interests on the council floor. 

Arts and Humanities President Margaret Gleed Voting
Arts and Humanities Councillor Annika Thornton Voting
Health Sciences President Sanjana Jones Voting
Health Studies Councillor Mariana Batista Voting
Kinesiology President Armaan Bawa Voting
Kinesiology Councillor Rebecca Wong Voting
Nursing Councillor Emily Nafziger Voting
Nursing President Olivia Conway Non-voting
Health Studies President Prenetha Raja Non-voting
FIMS (2)
Information and Media Studies
FIMS President Sophia Ratanshi Voting
FIMS Councillor Emilia Schultz Voting
Music President Mia Haug Voting
Music Councillor Roma MacDonald Voting
Science President Anya Sarma Voting
Science Councillor Arya Chadha Voting
Science Councillor Hussain Jan  Voting
Science Councillor Jiya Sahni Voting
Science Councillor Rashad Muhammed Voting
Science Councillor Verena Fanous Voting
Science Councillor Domenic Di Stasi Voting
Science Councillor Eric Ding Voting
Social Science President Sofia Ouslis Voting
Social Science Councillor Allison Salofsky Voting
Social Science Councillor Victoria Sasu Voting
Social Science Councillor Austin Wang Voting
Social Science Councillor Stavros Liakakos Voting
Social Science Councillor Nathan Ayele Voting
Social Science Councillor Daniel Tellez Jimenez Voting
Social Science Councillor Peter Kermack Voting
Brescia President Maathangi Rudranantha Voting
Brescia Councillor VACANT Voting
King’s President Laura Crowe Voting
King’s Councillor Madeline Bickley Voting
King’s Councillor Laura Barroso Voting
King’s Councillor VACANT Voting
Huron President Aaryan Lakhan Paul Voting
Councillor Iqra Devlani Voting
Ivey President VACANT Non-voting
Ivey Councillor Alex Tan Voting
Ivey Councillor Hana Ghattas Voting
Engineering President Jack Peplinski Non-Voting
Engineering Councillor Maia Lan Voting
Engineering Councillor Sherif Elmaghraby Voting
Engineering Councillor VACANT Voting
Education President Grace Flaherty Voting
Education Councillor Jordan Killen Voting
Dentistry President VACANT Non-voting
Dentistry Councillor Emily Mundy Voting
Dentistry Councillor VACANT Voting
Medicine President VACANT Non-Voting
Medicine Councillor Anna Basu Voting
Medicine Councillor Sadia Mehmood Voting
LAW (2)
Law President VACANT Non-Voting
Law Councillor Yara Ubaidat Voting
Law Councillor Peter Sypnowich Voting
Speaker of Council Bella Di Menna Voting
Deputy Speaker Simon Hunsgate Non-Voting, Resource Members

2024-25 Council MeetingS

Council Meeting
Council Meeting 2024-25

1st Meeting of Council, 2024-25 (July 28, 2024)

1st Meeting of Council, 2024-25 Meeting Details 1st Meeting of CouncilDate: Wednesday, July 28, 2024Time: 10:00am EST Agenda and Documents Agenda Minutes of the Meeting ...
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