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The USC Ethnocultural Support Services (ESS) exists to embrace and bring awareness to a multitude of diverse racial, Indigenous and religious issues and groups on campus. The Ethnocultural Support Services Team advocates for diverse ethnocultural communities by creating programs with the purpose of educating students on cultural and religious issues. As part of our mission, we also hope to highlight the intersectionality of many issues within our diverse community. Ethnocultural Support Services encourages students to learn about the importance of multiculturalism and we accomplish that through the events we hold during the year such as our annual Limitless Conference. Through our advocacy work and campaigns, our ultimate goal is to make Western a more inclusive campus where diversity is not just tolerated, but embraced and also where every student, no matter their background, is able to come and feel welcome.


Ethnocultural Support Services exists to address issues related to culture, ethnicity, race, or religion to improve the educational experience and quality of life of students at Western University, and to enhance multiculturalism on campus.


Ethnocultural Support Services seeks to create a culturally, ethnically, and religiously inclusive University community, in which students’ unique backgrounds are embraced and celebrated.


Are you a Western student and want to be part of the Ethnocultural Support Services?

Our team is devoted to establishing an inclusive and secure environment in order to cultivate experiences that have a positive influence on Western’s student body. With so many exciting events and initiatives, we welcome volunteers and  enjoy helping others get involved in making Western University an equitable home for all. 

If you have any questions about the Ethnocultural Support Services, the executive and volunteer positions, or the application process, please email our Coordinator, Sinéad Osivwemu, at

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