Early Outreach

To cultivate community, build confidence and explore post-secondary options in a safe and inclusive environment

All youth are granted equal opportunity to map out their futures and reach their full potential

Empower, Educate, Enrich

Early Outreach

About Us:

The Early Outreach Conference (REACH) is an annual USC initiative intended to introduce approximately 250 youth in London and the broader community to post-secondary education opportunities. This program recognizes that many students begin thinking about their future at an early age, and serves to provide them with the guidance, information, and tools necessary to support their decision-making process. Western collaborates with the City of London, Middlesex County, Thames Valley District School Board, Fanshawe College, and a diverse range of non-profit community organizations to ensure the conference addresses the various needs of students during this transitional time from middle-school to high school.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are now planning to hold REACH 2022 fully online from May 20th to May 22nd. We understand that many students were looking forward to an in-person conference; however, the 2021 conference was also fully virtual and students still had an amazing time. For more information on what a virtual REACH looks like, check out our 2021 Annual Report below. For the duration of the Conference, Delegates (grade 7 and 8 students) will take part in a diverse range of educational programming, leadership activities and social events. This includes: mock lectures from professors at both Western and Fanshawe, motivational guest speakers, introspective workshops covering allyship, self-esteem, and goal setting, as well as a financial planning seminar and community involvement fair.

By offering such a comprehensive look into the benefits of post-secondary education, we hope to foster personal growth and capacity building amongst all Delegates. We continually strive to cultivate a transformative experience through which students can explore their passions and realize their potential in an inclusive and supportive environment.

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact earlyoutreach@westernusc.ca

Join Our Team:

Are you a Western student and want to be part of the Early Outreach Conference?

Leadership Developers (LDs) work in pairs to serve as mentors for small groups of grade 7 and 8 students (Delegates) throughout the conference. LDs are responsible for providing appropriate guidance and support to their students — serving as role models who exemplify enthusiasm and integrity, encourage participation in workshops and activities, and who foster personal growth and capacity building amongst Delegates. Our team is committed to creating an inclusive and safe space in order to develop meaningful experiences that positively impact delegates. Each February we interview, hire, and train approximately 60 LDs.

If you have any questions about the Early Outreach Conference, the executive positions, or the application process, please email our Coordinator, Kavone Manning, at earlyoutreach@westernusc.ca

Learn more about the Early Outreach Conference’s financials, programming, and structure in our 2021 Annual Report

Want to learn more about the financials and programming aspects that go into creating the Early Outreach conference each year?


Registration for the 2022 Early Outreach Conference closed on Sunday, May 15 at 11 am.

The date and format of the 2022 Early Outreach Conference has been changed. REACH will now be held fully online from May 20-22, 2022. 

Any questions about registration or the conference format can be directed to earlyoutreach@westernusc.ca.

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