Food Support

Food Support Services is a USC student service dedicated to reducing food insecurity among UWO undergraduate students

About us


  • Food Support Services missions is to reduce hunger in our communities through our food hamper (digital food bank) system and food bank service, helping to enable the full participation of students facing barriers of food insecurity;
  • With the rising costs of tuition, housing, childcare, and food, we do what we can to provide essential support to undergrad and grad students. Extra resources are available for students supporting families.
  • We also educate and advocate for local and global issues related to, but not limited to, food insecurity, hunger, and poverty through our campaigns and events;
  • Providing opportunities for student engagement, personal development, and leadership through our events and volunteer opportunities.


Western Food Support Services Bank is a community space that supports students by supplementing basic food and other supplies and works to eliminate the stigma surrounding accessing food banks.

Food Support Services envisions a campus where students, faculty, staff, and community members are able to:

  • Access affordable and nutritious food in a supportive and inclusive environment;
  • Develop awareness about local and global issues of food insecurity affecting our communities;
  • Be a part of a supportive, inclusive, and healthy campus

Services provided

Food Hamper (Digital Food Bank)

Food Support Services offers a one-of-a-kind Confidential Hamper Service for Western Students. Students in need can request a hamper using our online form and pick it up in a locker located in the basement of the UCC.

Our food hamper service provides students in need with a grocery bag of food for 1-2 days. Students in need can request a food hamper by filling out a food hamper request form online or visiting our office.

Requests can be made using the ‘Hamper Request’ button below. Please remember that we rely entirely on donations and that we are often not able to honour all special requests.

We will attempt to fill these requests as soon as they are sent in, and requests can be filled in as soon as 24 hours. Shortly after the hamper is filled, you have the option to pick it up from our office (UCC 258) or pick it up from a locker located in the UCC, with instructions on how to open the locker sent via email. The service is completely confidential and is run by a team of dedicated, passionate, and friendly volunteers.

Food Bank Access and Location

Our foodbank is located at our office in Room 258, UCC Building. Students are welcome to come by the Food Support Service food bank during our hours of operation to take what they need. We want to be able to serve as many students as we can, so please be mindful of what you take.

Food Bank hours are Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM. Extended hours are Wednesdays from 10 AM to 5 PM.


Food Support Services runs several events throughout the year including Restocked To Win, Free Breakfasts, and Haunted not Hungry in collaboration with USC Charity.

Check out our Facebook page for the different events that we’re running this year.

Additional services

Become a Volunteer

Food Support Services could not help the hundreds of students it has without the support of our volunteers. Volunteers are crucial in managing the anonymous food hamper service, keeping the food bank open, and running our events. It’s a great opportunity to be involved with the USC, have a direct hand in helping others, and create meaningful impact during your time at Western. 

We look forward to getting to know you! If we don’t have any positions open, there will be an option to remain on a consideration list for emergency volunteers, where we may contact you to fill in to cover a shift if one of our volunteers is unable to make their shift.

We will review and launch volunteer applications at the start of each semester.


Office Hours

Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM, with extended hours Wednesday 10 AM to 6 PM

Please note that the hours are subject to change, and we will try our best to keep the information updated on our website.


For any questions or concerns please contact Helen Tang at




UCC, Rm 258

Directions: We are located on the Western University campus, at the University Community Centre (UCC), in Room 258. We are tucked away in the back of the UCC, but don’t let that stop you from coming in to say hi! Once you are on the second floor of the UCC, go towards the hallway in front of the Student Success Centre, around the corner past the Gazette and CHRW office, and we’re right next to the Peer Support Centre (Rm 256).
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