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It's 2022, menatrual products should be FREE and ACCESSIBLE. Period.


Menstrual products are not a luxury- they are a necessity. Period.

free the dot. is a new menstrual program produced in collaboration with the USC and Food Support Services where Western students can order pads, tampons, panty liners, menstrual cups, condoms, and dental dams to be mailed to you directly. free the dot. is a confidential service. Your information will be shared only with trained staff and volunteers, and your package will have minimal identifying information associating it with the USC.

Please note that we will do our best to accommodate your needs, but our supplies are somewhat limited. With the help of students; campus stakeholders; and community partners, free the dot. is committed to continuously growing and improving in order to integrate even more intersectional and sustainable and intersectional choices into our inventory over time.

With new products becoming available everyday, we are actively working to expand the choices of products we have available, recognize the diverse needs and values of the members of our community and accordingly have prioritized featuring a wide array of supplies available for students.

Free the dot products can be picked up in the food bank (basement of UCC).

Upcoming Workshops

Reducing the Stigma Around Menstrual and Sexual Wellness
The purpose: raise awareness about the different components of menstrual equity and reduce the stigma around menstrual health.

Events and Initiative dates for 2022-2023 Academic Year coming soon, download the USC Now App to keep up to date with events and initiatives for free the dot.


Menstrual products are not a luxury- they are a necessity. Menstrual products are a necessity for a large portion of Western’s population, and students who menstruate, including but not limited to female, non-binary, and transgender students, require access to these products in order to move through daily life. The USC recommends that Western University invest in the provision of free menstrual products to be provided in ALL washrooms on campus. Sign your name to this petition to show your support for this recommendation!


Donations will be used to restock our supplies and cover the cost of shipping.


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