Student Appeals Support Center

Do you believe that you were falsely accused of an academic or scholastic offence? Are you unsure of the procedure to appeal or the people to reach out to?

The Student Appeals Support Center is a free virtual student-led service that helps Western students navigate the appeals process for academic and scholastic offences.

If you believe you can benefit from our services, please complete the intake form below.

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About us

The USC’s Student Appeals Support Centre is a peer support program designed to help students who are looking for advice and support on appealing grades. They work closely with the office of the Ombudsperson to ensure that they are up to date on academic policies, and informed on how to help students work through the appeals process. The Student Appeals Committee also works closely with the AVP Academic and the VP University Affairs to run informational campaigns and events to engage students with academic policy and up to date information on Academic Policies. 

What we do

It is the Student Appeals Support Center’s (SASC) mission to empower students to stand up for their academic rights. We hope to educate students to know their academic rights and be able to recognize when they are being violated. The SASC holds a spirit of understanding through peer-based support and aims to provide students with an accessible, welcoming, and accommodating service. The SASC is a safe space for students to express their concerns and receive guidance on how to address them. All appeals volunteers are fellow Western students who promise confidentiality and support.

The SASC can be reached by filling out this form. After submitting the form a Student Appeals volunteer will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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If you are interested in joining our team, please follow us on Instagram @studentappealsusc to keep up to date on hiring and volunteer opportunities. 


Instagram: @uscstudentappeals

To contact student appeals volunteers please use the appeals intake form below or email

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