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The Income Tax Executive Committee is responsible for the logistics, promotion, management, and volunteer training of the annual USC Income Tax Clinic and campus-wide financial literacy initiatives.


Available Positions:

Volunteers Director (4)

  • Works with the Income Tax Coordinator to recruit and train Student Tax Analysts.
  • Acts as an advisor and trouble-shooter for the Clinic by addressing any volunteer and client concerns, tax-related questions, EFILE software issues/setup, and supervision of the Student Tax Analysts.
  • Designs training materials, leads financial literacy and training sessions virtually and in-person, and contacts faculty professors for assistance.
  • Works to create a central online resource portal for student tax advice.

*Experience in personal income tax is preferred (has previously volunteered as an Analyst, studying Tax/Accounting, proficient with Canadian taxation system, etc.).

Logistics Director (4)

  • Manages the backend planning of the Clinic, which includes room booking, catering, equipment rental, Clinic scheduling and more.
  • Works with the Income Tax Coordinator to recruit and train Logistics volunteers.
  • Acts as a liaison between the volunteers, clients, and the Clinic.
  • Plans financial literacy events throughout the year.
  • Schedules volunteer shifts during the Clinic as well as client appointment bookings.

Promotions and Sponsorships Director (3)

  • Works with USC Promotions to heavily advertise Clinic and initiatives through our Facebook page (and other applicable channels).
  • Creates graphics/posters, must be proficient in Graphic Design.
  • Directs the marketing vision for the portfolio.
  • Revises sponsorship package and distributes them to various organizations to form lasting corporate partnerships.
  • Reaches out to on-campus clubs for cross-promotions.
  • Manages all external relations with partner clubs, associations, affiliate colleges and faculties.
  • Develops sponsorship goals and ensures it satisfies the USC budget.

*If you are applying for this position, please send examples of your Graphic Design work to

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Cathy Zhang, the Income Tax Coordinator at

Applications due: Sunday, October 9th at 11:59pm EST

Only successful candidates will be contacted for a virtual interview.

In terms of other volunteer opportunities, we will be hiring Sr. and Jr. Tax Analysts starting in November. 


Social media accounts: Instagram (@USCIncomeTax), Facebook (USC Income Tax), and email (

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