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On behalf of Western USC, Gender Equity Network (GEN) works to support students of all gender identities on Western campus, primarily through programming, events, advocacy initiatives, research projects, and social media. From an intersectional perspective (i.e. a perspective informed by how gender connects with race, sexuality, socio-economic status, disability, religion, etc.), GEN dedicates itself to continually improving the Western student experience for students that are frequently marginalized and underrepresented, such as non-binary and gender-fluid individuals, transgender and cisgender women, and transgender and cisgender men. Using student feedback, the heart of GEN’s mission is to illuminate issues of gender inequality on campus, to make strides in tackling these issues, and overall to improve the Western student experience, so that students of all gender identities feel safe and supported by the Western community. 

Gender Equity Network is known for public initiatives such as the annual US-She Day event (which happens in the New Year and features speakers, activities, and more), as well as GEN’s roundtable and podcast discussions about issues on campus, and social media campaigns such as the “Swipe On…” and “Movember Memories” series’ (both of which focused on men’s mental health and wellness). 

Behind the face of GEN is a committee of passionate and driven student volunteers, who are dedicated to GEN’s mission and want to partake in creating real change for intersectional support and representation on campus.

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Are you a Western student and want to be part of Gender Equity Network? 

In the summer and early fall, GEN recruits for Director and Commissioner positions, with roles focused on events, advocacy, research and policy, communications, finance, and outreach. Updates and information related to the hiring process can be found on GEN’s Instagram, as well as the USC website. 

Even if you’re not able to volunteer, you can still take part in GEN’s mission by attending events, taking part in campaigns and programming, engaging on social media, or reaching out to us! We are always looking for feedback and advice on how to better support Western students. 

If you have any questions at all about Gender Equity Network, its executive positions, the application process, or the support that GEN offers, please email our Coordinator, Shimmi Kelly, at

You can also get involved with GEN by being part of our campaigns, coming to events, taking part in our programming, or reaching out to us!


Executive Team:
  • Coordinator: Sophia Hartvikson
  • Director of Events: Likitha Busanelli and Aranya Thavakumar
  • Events Commissioners: Anisa Mughal, Iniya Rajkumar, Olivia Almeida
  • Director of Communications: Arya Yagnik
  • Graphic Design Commissioner: Isabella Randell
  • Director of Advocacy and Research: Saieshwani Siventhiran
  • Advocacy Commissioners: Sajina Logeswaran and Paleesa Kapoor
  • Research and Policy Commissioners: Bianca Tiglao and Vrinda Bansal
  • Community Outreach Coordinator: Angela Huang
  • Finance Coordinator: Maggie Li
Instagram: @genderequitynetworkusc
YouTube: @genderequitynetwork
Spotify: Gender Equality Network at Western University
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