What We Do
It is the Peer Support Centre’s mission to provide non-professional support to students. By fostering a spirit of openness and understanding through peer-based support, the goal of the centre is to provide students with an accessible, welcoming, and accommodating service. The centre is a safe space in which students can express their feelings and explore resource options provided by the university, the city of London, and the USC.

Our service also provides mobile support to events that happen around Western University’s campus during regular operating hours. If you are interested in having our volunteers attend your event, please send an email to

Hours of Operation
The centre is located at UCC 256, near the Western Gazette. The centre is open every week Monday-Friday, 10:00AM – 4:00PM during the academic year.

In the evening, the centre facilitates discussion groups. For a list and schedule of our discussion groups, please see our Facebook page here.

Who We Are
Our centre is staffed by Western students who are passionate about helping those in their community. All volunteers are trained in the model of peer-based support and undergo continuous training and supervision with our staff supervisors throughout the year.

Join Our Team
The hiring process to become a volunteer for the year occurs at the beginning of second semester for the previous year. Successful applicants are notified by the end of second semester and attend a mandatory training at the end of the summer.

The application to become a volunteer for the 2018-2019 academic year can be found here.

If you wish to learn more about the role, please refer to our Volunteer Terms of Reference and a sampler of our Training Handbook.

Contact Us

Peer Support Centre Supervisor: Matthew Yip

Student Programs Officer: Mac McIntosh

Peer Support Network

Whereas the Peer Support Centre is the physical space that students can go to for support, Peer Support Network encompasses eight student-led support services that are available to all students on Western’s campus. The goal of each support service is to provide the campus community with awareness of social issues, support for marginalized groups, advocacy initiatives to improve the lives of undergraduate students at Western and volunteer opportunities for interested students. Our support services are distinct from what is offered by our clubs system and works to create a more inclusive, informed, and caring university community.

Our Services

Sexual Health and Consent Education
Get the information to make educated decisions regarding sex and learn about the continuum of sexual violence and the importance of consent.

Coordinator: Courtney Feeney

Health and Wellness
Discover services and programs in place to educate students on issues surrounding mental health, social health, campus safety, healthy lifestyles, and alcoholic substance abuse prevention.

Coordinator: Micah Hansen

Pride Western
Run entirely by students, PrideWestern provides programming, services, and are advocates for the LGBTQ2+ population on Western’s campus. Running various monthly discussion groups, holding social events, and providing office hours, PrideWestern wants to make sure that everyone on campus feels safe and can connected with community.

Marie Fiedler
Twitter: @pridewestern

Women’s Issues Network
Join WIN in recognizing, representing, and rectifying gender inequalities affecting UWO students.

Coordinator: Carina Gabriele
Twitter: @USCWomensIssues

Ethnocultural Support Services
See the ways ESS is making a culturally inclusive University community, in which students’ unique backgrounds are positively embraced and celebrated

Coordinator: Alison Kim
Twitter: @ethnowestern

Ally Western
An outreach service that creates a more inclusive university campus, with a focus on understanding and celebrating campus diversity.

Coordinator: Carla Rawson
Twitter: @allywestern

Food Support Service
An anonymous food hamper distribution system for UWO undergraduate students. Food hampers can be requested through email and collected 24 hours a day.

Coordinator: Pearl Wang
Twitter: @fss_western

Each student on Western’s campus is offered a health plan through the USC, which is directly overseen by your elected representatives. A portion of your student fees contributes to this coverage, which is specifically designed to supplement provincial health care and meet students’ needs. The Campus Trust develops the insurance plan, which includes health, dental, and travel benefits so you can focus on being a student and leave the stress of health coverage to us.

To register for your account, find out more about the plan, or opt out….

Visit the STUDENT BENEFITS website.



Students who are covered under an equivalent extended benefit health care plan (in addition to your standard provincial coverage) may choose to “opt-out” of the USC plan. This typically applies to students who have previous and continuing health insurance coverage provided by a parent or guardian. If you choose to opt-out, the fee will be reimbursed and credited to your online Western student services account.

NOTE: The opt out for the 2018/2019 school year will open on July 1/18 and close September 26th @ 11.30pm.

If you have questions or concerns, you may contact the USC’s Plan Administrator at

Western may seem like a city in itself, but there’s so much more beyond the main gates of Campus to see and explore. Here’s everything you need to know to get you where you’re going.

The USC / LTC Bus Pass

Every full time undergraduate student is issued a London Transit Bus Pass. This is valid for free unlimited rides, at all bus stop locations, at all hours of operation, seven days a week (including holidays). Some will use it simply to ride the 2 Dundas route over and over again each morning to get to class. Others will take full advantage of this opportunity and use this cost-free ticket to experience all the city of London has to offer.

How do I get my pass?

Bus passes are distributed in the Mustang Lounge of the University Community Centre at the beginning of every school year.

2017/18 Pick-Up Details

Groups picking up passes should indicate anyone with a One card printed previous to 2016 will need to pick up a paper pass. To be eligible to pick up your pass, you must bring your Western student card and be registered as a full-time undergraduate student.  If there are any problems with your eligibility status (for example, if you have recently changed from a Part-Time to a Full-Time program), you may be asked to bring your UWO Fee Bill or a letter from the Office of the Registrar indicating that you have been assessed the Bus Pass Fee.

  • August 31  10a-3 in the atrium;  
  • Sept 5  11a-3 in MLounge E;
  • Sept 6   9a-4 in MLounge E
  • Sept 7  10a-3 MLounge E

How do I use my pass?

Tap your enabled One card or present your paper pass and One card to be able to ride the LTC.  First and second-year students should exclusively be using their bus pass enabled One card.

When does my pass expire?

Every bus pass is valid from September 1st to August 31st (the entire school year and through the summer). That means that if you are living or working in London through the summer holidays, you can continue to use the bus pass from the previous school year!

What if I lose my pass?

]Losing a bus pass can be frustrating, but the good news is that you shouldn’t have to pay for a new LTC membership. Simply email the bus pass administrator ( ) to ask if your bus pass has been returned to their office. If it has, you can reclaim your pass Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm (with the proper I.D.) You can also check in with Lost and Found at the Campus Police office.

If you have lost your student card and bus pass you can replace your One card at Student Central (there will be a replacement fee). Your new One card will be Bus Pass enabled, so you can continue to ride the LTC. You will not need to replace the paper pass.

Can I use someone else’s pass?

No- using anyone’s Bus Pass but your own is considered fraud and can result in the Bus Pass’ confiscation. The LTC or the University Students’ Council reserves the right to confiscate suspected illegitimate passes. Photocopied bus passes are also considered fraud and we are required to turn them over to the Campus Police for investigation and can result in the Bus Pass’ being confiscated, all the way up to censure and possible expulsion. If you wish to appeal the decision to confiscate your bus pass, you may e-mail with the heading “Attn: Bus Pass Administrator”. *Please note there will be a $50.00 administration fee if your appeal is successful. In short, if you lose your pass and try to get away with using someone else’s pass, it is likely you will both end up with no pass. At least you’ll have a friend to walk with?

Can I opt-out of the pass?

There is no option to opt-out of the USC Bus Pass. It is a mandatory plan, authorized by a student referendum that requires all full-time undergraduate students to participate. However, even if you have a car, the bus pass can come in handy. The pass allows you to hop on the Mustang Express, which sure if cheaper than a cab when coming home from Rick McGhie night!

How do I claim the Bus Pass on my taxes?

There are no special tax forms issued for the Bus Pass as it is charged along with your Tuition. Please use the online statement of account found at the Student Center ( as proof of amounts paid. As Bus Pass charges cross tax years, you can claim only one-half the cost on your 2016 return. The remainder must be claimed in the next tax year.

Mustang Express


mustang express Where your USC Bus Pass stops at night, the Mustang Express picks right back up so you can safely get home from the downtown area. All full-time and part time students are eligible to use the shuttle service provided they have their valid UWO Student ID on them. Check out the Mustang Express Pick-Up points so you never have to worry about hailing a cab downtown again.


  • September 6 to December 1 and January 10 to April 6
  • Starting at 12.30am until 3 am and picking up every 15 minutes
  • Please note there is limited capacity so plan accordingly.
  • Must present One card with your Mustang Express sticker (available at Purple Store).



In the 2015/2016 academic year a review of the Mustang Express was conducted – summarizing the shuttle service’s use and place within the USC. That report can be found HERE.

Safety Rules & Terms of USC

Students will only be permitted to board the shuttle at designated Mustang Express pick-up locations. No passengers will be permitted to board the shuttle at designated drop-off locations. Please have a valid University student identification card with Mustang Express sticker attached ready to show to the shuttle driver before entering shuttle. (No one will be allowed to board shuttle without a valid University of Western Ontario Student ID Card or valid temporary pass, no exceptions) Please wait for shuttle to come to a full stop and doors are opened before approaching shuttle bus. Please allow students leaving shuttle to exit first. (This allows the driver to determine the amount of seating available.) Only one person per seat is allowed on the shuttles. Once the shuttle has reached its destination, please remain stationary until the shuttle comes to a complete stop. Please ensure that all items are stored out of the aisles. No eating or drinking is allowed on shuttles. Food or drink must be in a closed container and must remain closed while on the shuttles. Weapons of any type are prohibited on the shuttle bus. Smoking is prohibited on shuttle bus. Please be courteous to the drivers and other passengers and keep your voice levels within a normal speaking range. Due to the limited amount of seating for University students and insurance liability issues, no children or non-university students or personnel are allowed to ride on the shuttle bus unless in possession of a valid temporary pass. Animals other than those accompanying visually impaired students are prohibited on the shuttle bus. Threats made against anyone on the shuttle, harassment of anyone on the shuttle, and/or refusal to exit shuttle is prohibited and will be reported to appropriate authorities.

Exam Shuttles

If you’re part of Weldon Library’s 24 hour crew during exams, you no longer need to worry about how to get home in the wee hours of the morning. During both December and April exam periods, the USC runs a Free Shuttle Service. Robert Q buses depart from Oxford Drive (in front of the UCC Building) every half hour and operate on various routes to get students home safely from the library..Airport Shuttle Service - Route A Airport Shuttle Service - Route B

Airport Shuttle Service - Route CAirport Shuttle Service - Route D

Affiliate Shuttles

Thinking of taking a class at an affiliate but dreading the walk up the Brescia hill or all the way to King’s? Don’t let the distance stop you! During class times, there is a shuttle bus that connects main campus with both University Affiliate Campuses that lie just outside of our Western bubble so you never have to miss out on a class again.

Read the 2017-18 Schedule here. (PDF)

Greyhound Service

greyhound If you’re one of the many students at Western who is not a born and raised Londoner, the USC’s Purple Store is your go-to for trips back to your home town. As a licensed Greyhound ticket agent, you can easily purchase or print student-fare tickets here on your way to class. There are also on-campus pickups on Fridays, so you can make it home right after lecture just in time for the weekend.

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Regardless of any marginalizing identifying factors, you belong at Western. To reinforce that value of equality, the USC is committed to promoting Inclusivity Programming. The goal of this service is to provide the Western community with awareness of social issues, support for marginalized groups, advocacy initiatives to improve the lives of undergraduate students, and volunteer opportunities for interested students. Our support services are distinct from what is offered by our club’s system and they work to create a more inclusive, informed, and caring university community. Here, you will find supports specifically aimed to address issues and promote representation in terms of LGBTQ+ resources, gender, cultural groups, and accessibility on campus.

Pride Western

Run entirely by students, PrideWestern provides programming, services, and are advocates for the LGBTQ2+ population on Western’s campus. Running various monthly discussion groups, holding social events, and providing office hours, PrideWestern wants to make sure that everyone on campus feels safe and can connected with community

Through the programming it provides, PrideWestern strives to create a safe, welcoming space for people of all sexual orientations/expressions and gender expressions/identities. The spaces PrideWestern creates are supposed to be where support can be found, new connections can be made, and people can feel like they’re part of a caring community. There are many ways people can connect with PrideWestern: by volunteering to be an executive or on an executive committee, by attending our regular support programming (i.e. discussion groups), by attending our annual events (i.e. Pride Week, 1 Girl 5 Queers, Pride Ball), or by connecting with an executive at office hours or via appointment to discuss personal educational, social, and/or health and wellness needs.

PrideWestern also tries to make sure that its programs and services are accessible to everyone by offering them all free of charge. Executives are also open to any feedback and advice offered and invites anyone who feels needs are being left unaddressed or inadequately responded to, to meet up and discuss them. There are many ways to be involved with an organization as dynamic and multi-faceted as PrideWestern, so reach out and get involved!


Coordinator: Marie Fiedler


Ally Western

Ally Western is dedicated to creating allyship, inclusivity, and safer spaces. As an outreach service, Ally Western organizes free educational workshops which promote the following objectives: creating a safe, accepting, and inclusive environment, where diversity is understood and embraced; reducing fear of discrimination or harassment; educating participants about challenging issues, and creating a visible support network for the entire Western community.


Ethno-cultural Support Services exists to embrace and highlight the variety of diverse racial, indigenous, and religious groups on campus. Through thoughtful programming on campus, we coordinate events that allow Western students to fully recognize and experience our multicultural student body.
ESS promotes discussions on campus of important race issues and challenges students to engage in meaningful conversations of anti-racism. Our programming works to promote an understanding among students that issues of race, culture, and identity are complex. We respond to incidents involving race and culture that arise on campus and in our broader community through our programming and support.

The committee is involved with the London community through several diversity initiatives. We are actively engaged with advocating for policies that represent a more diverse community within the city, which has direct impacts to students on campus. The committee offers pathways for students to have a voice in London and represents the university within the local community.

Through our campaigns, advocacy, and events, Ethno-cultural Support Services work towards building an equitable and inclusive campus for all racialized, religious, & indigenous students.

Twitter: @ethnowestern


The goal of the Accessibility Committee is to increase and improve access to University Students’ Council for students on campus and in the London community by providing venues for students with varying disabilities to overcome these challenges, and coordinating advocacy strategies to make positive changes.

Women’s Issues Network

Women’s Issues Network is a USC-funded service at Western University. We provide resources & safe space, and advocate on gender issues.
The Women’s Issues Network (WIN) educates Western University’s campus on issues of gender equality and gender diversity by providing comprehensive and diverse educational programming through events, speaker series, conferences, and collaborative initiatives with various on-campus groups and community partners.

Through an intersectional and feminist lens, WIN recognizes issues of gender equality and diversity as topical and relevant discussion for university campuses. The Women’s Issues Network aims to:
Provide intersectional and diverse programming that elicits discussions on sexism, gender equality, and feminism through content that is relatable to university campuses, and cognizant of gendered issues.
Incorporate diverse opinions, and encourage inclusive conversations from all individuals on campus on issues of gender equality and diversity.
Work with local London organizations and charities that have feminist objectives to encourage their good work, and bring awareness to their services.
Create accessible programming that responds to cultural and societal events, and generates conversations about how to be an advocate for change within the community.
Engage Western students in issues and topics they may otherwise have not been aware of, such as “what is a feminist?”, intersectionality, the value of consent, sexual harassment in the work place, and much more!
Use our social media to provide relevant resources and news of current events related to feminism and/or feminist activism in our community.

WIN organizes programming around dates such as International Women’s Day, where a variety of speaker events are scheduled, along with a conference to celebrate women leaders in the Western community, and to discuss current feminist issues. Throughout the year, WIN can be found holding booths in the UCC that intend to educate passing students of topical issues on campus, or provide information about how to contact or volunteer with local London organizations such as ANOVA, and Sexual Assault Centre London. In line with the University Students’ Council’s mission statement, WIN enhances the educational experience and quality of life for all undergraduate students at Western University by creating gender based programming for students, and by students. By working collaboratively with various western clubs, faculty councils, faculties, and USC coordinators, WIN creates interactive, educational, accessible, and enjoyable programming for all students to utilize and draw from for years to come.

Make sure to follow the WIN Facebook page to stay updated on any of our recent news and events in the Western community! @WINUWO

Keep up to date with us on Social Media:


Campus Gear is your one-stop shop to create unique and engaging clothing or merchandise for your club, faculty, team or group of friends. Owned and operated by the University Students’ Council, we are more than just your average vendor. We have worked with countless groups on and off Western University campus to help create custom concepts that suit their styles. The options are endless. We have created relationships with a number of suppliers to ensure we can provide you with the best quality products that fit your budget.

Campus Gear is dedicated to satisfying each and every one of our clients through fast and friendly service, competitive pricing and convenient on-campus service.

Visit us at

creative servicesCreative Services Copy & Print Shop is a not-for profit organization owned and operated by the University Students’ Council (USC). We offer a wide range of services to Western students, the University Faculty, Administration and the General Public at exceptional prices!  Creative Services is your one stop destination for all of your printing and graphic design needs.– We are a full service print shop providing… 

Colour • Black & White • Binding • Banners • Lamination • Concert Style Tickets • Logos • Flyers

Visit us at

Show your Western spirit in our t-shirts, sweatpants, and hoodies. We feature great Canadian brands like Jerico, Mask, TeamLTD, Liberty, and Gildan. Student-focused and friendly, we also deliver great customer service!

Visit us at

Tel: (519) 661-3811

the spokeThe Spoke is conveniently located in the heart of campus on the main level of the UCC and offers students a great place to relax while on campus. Whether you are coming for the 100% fair trade coffee, CLTs (Chicken, Lettuce and Tomato wraps), or Rick McGhie, The Spoke is sure to provide you with great food, great service and pricing fit for a student budget.

Visit us at

Tel: (519) 661 3590

The Wave offers the best in casual dining in the heart of campus at Western University. Guests enjoy selections from our gourmet burger menu, fresh pastas, entree salads, wraps & grill items.

We are also a large and extremely versatile venue and often the host to USC club events, speaker series, fashion shows & night club parties. The Wave has also become a popular wedding reception venue.

Relax in our large modern booths with friends and colleagues, watch the big game on our flat screens at the bar or reserve a section of the restaurant to host your floor dinner or special event.

Our friendly staff, great food, drinks & atmosphere make the Wave the most popular eatery on campus!

Visit us at

Tel: (519) 661 3007

The USC Promotions Department can help you with all your photography, videography, event promotion, and social media needs! Get started by emailing or visiting Room 267 on the 2nd floor of the UCC.

Visit us at

Tel: (519) 661-2111

purple bikes

he Purple Bikes workshop operates with the principle of do-it-yourself. We provide the tools and mechanical instruction for members of the London community to repair their own bicycle. Our volunteer mechanics will advise you on how to perform your own repairs. No mechanical experience is necessary, only the willingness to get your hands dirty! But if you don’t want to we do offer bike services at reasonable fees. We also sell new and used bike parts at competitive prices. So whether you need to change a flat tire or overhaul your whole bike, the Purple Bikes Workshop is here for you!

Membership allows you to use our tools, access the expertise of volunteers, attend workshops and take part in group rides for its duration.

1 month membership – $10
1 year membership – $30

Workshop Hours:
Monday to Thursday
4:00 to 7:00 pm
Closed Holidays

Bike Rentals

We offer a selection of road, mountain, and hybrid bikes. All rentals include a helmet, lights/reflectors, and a U-lock.

These bikes will get you around town and campus efficiently and at affordable rates:
3 days – $20
1 week – $30
1 month – $60
Note: each rental  requires a deposit of $80

Collecting Your Deposit After Returning Equipment
Purple Bikes will evaluate the condition of the bike and accessories and will, if necessary take from the deposit the amount required to fix or replace any damaged equipment that is returned.

Please keep in mind that we are a cash-only establishment. We can direct you to one of several ATMs in the building if needed. 


We are always looking for volunteers to join us. Drop by the shop during our hours and start wrenching! We encourage people eager to learn more about bikes to come in and volunteer. Helping other members with their repairs and maintaining the rental fleet are great ways to gain experience and there will always be someone knowledgeable around to offer advice and assistance. We will provide training if you have no prior experience.


We aim to make bicycles more financially accessible to promote sustainable transportation in London. We will gladly accept any donations of bikes, bike parts, tools, or other cool bike related things.


We are located on the first floor of the University Community Centre in room 149.

Google Maps

From Booster Juice, walk down the hallway towards Huron College/Western Road. Just before the glass doors leading outside, you will see the Purple Bikes workshop on your left. The Mustang Lounge will be on your right.

Phone: 519-661-3774   (During workshop hours only)

Room 149 UCC Building,
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario
N6A 3K7

western filmWestern Film is your on campus movie theatre – we are a second-run (or move-over) theatre… This means we show all the latest releases, just a few weeks after they debut in first-run houses. We are a fully equipped theatre with a large screen, Digital projector and 4,400 Watts of Dolby surround sound through 22 speakers.

Visit us at