General Guidelines and Policies

Upon arrival in the UCC, check in with the USC InfoSource located on the main level of the UCC.

Specific table locations can be requested but not guaranteed. Although we make every effort to honour the location listed on this confirmation, your location may be altered based on operational and space requirements.

Table location is allocated at the discretion of the Reservation Coordinator based on availability and nature of the use of the table.

Tables are assigned on the Atrium level first then Lower Level. If space becomes available on the Atrium level, tables assigned on the Lower Level will be moved up based on reserved date order.

Reserved space MUST be occupied; at minimum, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Failure to occupy the table by 10 a.m. may result in loss of space and an alternative location may not be available. Tables will be set up by 8:30 a.m. and tear down at 4:30 p.m. 

The USC will set up the reserved number of 6ft x 2.5ft table(s) with black skirting across the front and two chairs per table.

Unless requested on the application, power is not guaranteed if requested the day of.

USC Reservations enforces a passive marketing approach to soliciting students on Campus.

Groups are expected to remain within 2 ft of their assigned table and must not attempt to aggressively solicit any passersby. Groups are not permitted to shout or call to any passerby.

No PA, megaphone, etc. can be used for shout-outs or calls to any passerby.

All activities or handouts given out during the Campus visits must be vetted through USC Reservations.

All social media campaigns advertising Campus visit must be vetted through USC Reservations. There are restrictions on the use of Western University and USC social media tags and sites.

Any deviation from approved activities may result in removal from Campus and forfeit of any paid space rental fees applying to future bookings.

Tables will be set up with black skirting along the front.

All display materials and banners must be listed and described on the application or a list provided to the Reservations Coordinator for approval prior to date of the reservations.  The USC reserves the right to refuse, change display location and/or request the removal of any unapproved display material or banner.

Standing displays should not be more than 4 ft. wide and 8 ft. tall and must be placed and fit behind the table.  All other size displays must be vetted and receive approval through the Reservations Coordinator.  Areas that can accommodate large displays are limited.

Small 3 ft. wide standing banners may be placed at the side of the table, space permitting and at the discretion of the Reservations Coordinator.

Banners or signage can be placed and attached along the front of the table.

No posters or other material may be taped or otherwise fastened to walls, floors, columns, glass, or other property of the UCC Building and all other areas of Campus unless specifically approved by the Reservations Coordinator.

All displays and material must be removed at the end of each business day. Any material left on tables will not be stored and may be disposed.  USC Reservations is not responsible for any loss of theft of any promotional material or display items used at display tables.


No decorations with a diameter smaller than two inches may be used.  This includes but is not limited to glitter, confetti, beads, marbles, pebbles etc.  A clean up fee may be assessed if these items are used.

All decorations must be flame retardant. The use of candles, incense or other open flames are prohibited on campus. Battery powered LED candles and electric candle warmers are allowed to be used.

To ensure the health and safety of all students, staff, faculty and visitors, the University requests your cooperation in maintaining a scent-free workplace.  Please do not wear strong perfume, cologne, aftershave, and other fragrances or use anything with strong scents at your display.

Parking information and directions are available on of Western University’s website:

The closest parking lot is the Social Science Lot located off of Western Road.  Clients are responsible for payment of parking fees. 

Parking passes are available through the Reservations Coordinator for $12 per day and must be ordered at the time of reservation.

The UCC Building has a loading dock off Western Road and Elgin Drive. Loading and unloading is limited to 15 minutes.

The fine for improper use of the loading dock is $150 and any fines incurred are the responsibility of the group.

Please contact the USC Reservations Coordinator to make arrangements for a Loading Dock pass should you require one.

All Off-Campus parties must provide a certificate of insurance for a minimum of $2 million general liability and showing the University Students’ Council as a named third party insured.

This can be obtained through your insurance company or broker. Proof of insurance must be provided prior to date of booking.


Poster Patrol at the USC InfoSource is a service available to on-campus and off-campus groups to place advertising and information posters throughout the UCC to provide registered posters to be distributed and posted throughout the UCC.

For more information, visit

Due to space constraints, USC Reservations does not accept pre-shipment of display or information materials.

The USC Reservations Coordinator must be advised of any cancellation immediately. 

Any cancellation 7 days prior to the event date will receive a full refund of any payment made less the 25% non-refundable deposit and any costs incurred for personnel, equipment etc. hired or rented for the event and any cost associated with the cancellation of such.

Notice of cancellation must be received during USC Reservations operating hours.  If given after hours, notice is deemed received at the start of the next business day. 

If any group fails to show up for their booking and no notice of cancellation has been received, groups are responsible for all costs associated with the booking including space and equipment rental fees and labour costs etc.

Failure to notify the USC Reservations Coordinator of event cancellation may result in suspension, or loss of reservation privileges in the UCC. 

If a group must reschedule an event day and rental rates apply to their booking, there will be an administration fee of $50 assessed to the reservation. 

Payment is due prior to confirmation of new rescheduled dates.

This fee does not apply to USC Affiliated Groups or On-campus Non-USC Affiliated Groups.

The USC reserves the right to cancel any booking based on severe weather conditions which result in the closure of Western University. In the case of closure, organizations will be offered an alternative date(s). If an alternative date cannot be scheduled, a refund will be issued.

If rental rates apply, no refund will be issued to organizations that choose not to occupy their space based on weather conditions unless an appropriate alternative date can be scheduled. Rescheduling fee will not apply.

Any charges for equipment rental, labour etc. incurred by the USC for an original booking date for any closure or booking not attended will be payable.

Any Applicant agrees to indemnify and save harmless the University Students’ Council Corporation from all claims arising from the applicant’s use of the premises and if required by the USC, will maintain adequate fire and/or public liability insurance.

Adherence to all current Provincial, Municipal, and University smoking and liquor regulations is mandatory.

The USC shall not be liable or responsible in any manner whatsoever for any damages sustained by any party to the Contract or by any other person, firm, or corporation for any and all claims and expenses presented by any person, firm or corporation for any loss or damages resulting from the USC being unable to perform the services set out in the Contract as a result of any strike, flood, fire, electrical or communication breakdown, force majeure or Act of God.

For more information on Food and Catering, visit

Guest Wi-Fi access is available in the UCC.  This should be prearranged with the Reservations Coordinator by requesting so on your application or by email at least 2 days prior to your visit to guarantee access.  “Day of” Wi-Fi access can be provided, however, due to the operational nature of USC Reservations, cannot be guaranteed.

We will require the full names and emails of those who will be needing access during their on campus visit. If you have multiple people attending on specific dates, those dates must be listed for each requested account. An email will be send to the email(s) provided with instructions and a Username and Password for connecting to the Wi-Fi in the UCC.  Accounts will be active for a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 12 hours. 

As of July 1, 2019, Western University is smoke-free.

Western’s smoke-free policy recognizes and provides exemptions for traditional cultural or spiritual practices by Indigenous members of the Western community. Aside from identified exemptions, the policy includes all forms of smoking, vaping and tobacco use.

Link to map of areas where smoking is permitted

If you want to use music for non-educational purposes, for example, for background music at a conference or event, a licence (or licences) must be obtained from a copyright collective (SOCAN).

The USC pays a blanket SOCAN tariff to facilitate playing music in its promotional and event spaces.  The USC charges a fee to any group that wishes to play music as part of their event. The USC does not apply the fee to rehearsals or workshops where the music is required for educational purposes.

The temporary chalking of information is permitted only with the use of washable product on horizontal, exposed surfaces. Tunnel floors and walls are not considered to be exposed surfaces and chalking on them is, therefore, prohibited. As above, chalked messages deemed to be distasteful or offensive will be removed at the direction of the Associate Vice-President, Facilities Management or the Director of Western Special Constable Service.

Anyone wishing to chalk on Concrete Beach must make application to do so by request a table or display space USC Reservations for the Concrete Beach.

In compliance with legislation and fire prevention standards, Western supports Indigenous peoples’ rights to practice their spirituality through the burning of Indigenous traditional medicines (e.g. smudging and pipe ceremonies) on-campus.

USC Reservations will facilitate an application to Western’s Fire Safety Office for any burning of Indigenous traditional medicines in any of our event or promotional spaces.  This application must be received by the Fire Safety Office a minimum of 1 week prior to the event.  We will require the approximate time of start and end time of the smudge and/or pipe ceremony during the event. 

The purpose of this procedure is to maintain the integrity of Indigenous spiritual and cultural practices on-campus by reducing the number of fire safety emergency inquiries regarding the smell of smoke, ensuring proper ventilation in the room is possible, and avoiding false fire alarms.

The USC and all groups participating in this event must follow all procedures and pre-cautions as laid out by the Fire Safety Office.

USC Reservations must be advised if any event or promotion involves Therapy Animals.

All Therapy Animals must be from a third party, insured, service provider. See definition below.

Therapy Animals

Definition: A Therapy Animal means an animal brought on campus by a third party service provider for the purposes of providing comfort, cheer, and companionship.

At all times, a Therapy Animal must be: (i) In close proximity to the Custodian (third parties personnel), (ii) Restrained on a leash (no longer than six feet long), in a cage, or under the physical control of the Custodian, and (iii) Licensed and vaccinated as required by law.

The Custodian (third party provider) is responsible at all times for all aspects of behaviour and management of the Therapy Animal including: (i) Any cleaning and any costs associated with cleaning that may result from the Therapy Animal, (ii) Ensuring that any feces and urine is cleaned immediately and disposed of in an appropriate receptacle, and (iii) Any excessive noise from the Therapy Animal.

Custodians and/or event organizers are responsible for any damage their Therapy Animal causes to University property or the property of other individuals and for any injuries or illnesses caused by their Therapy Animal.


Definition: A Pet means a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure that is not a service animal (as defined in the Accessibility Procedures on Service Animals) or a Therapy Animal.

A Pet is not permitted in any campus building.

Pets are permitted on “animal friendly” areas, defined as all outdoor areas generally accessible to the public.

From Western’s Pets and Therapy Animals on Campus

USC promotional, event and meeting space is available to Off-Campus and Non-Affiliated organizations.  Requests for space will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Organizations can not broker or sell USC space to any other organizations.  For instance, used for trade show format and space sold to a separate off-campus or non-affiliated group. 

Restrictions and access to space are placed on off-campus and non-affiliated organizations that are similar in nature, purpose or service to an existing USC Department, Service, Club, Affiliated Organization or Western Faculty or Department.

USC Building Usage Policy – (link to be updated)

USC Community Standards Policy – (link to be updated)

USC Advertising & Oversight – (link to be updated)

Western – Advertising and Commercial Act –

Western – Flying of Flags & Banners –

Western – Picketing, Distribution of Literature and Related Activities

Western – Safe Campus Community

Western – Non-Discrimination/Harassment Policy

Western – Policy on Smoking, Vaping & Tobacco Use

Western – Signage and Election Posters

Western – Freedom of Expression Policy

Western – Pets and Therapy Animals on Campus

Only USC and Western Affiliated organizations are permitted to fundraise in and around the UCC.

Funds cannot be solicited using donation boxes, or jars. There must be an exchange or sale of goods to solicit a donation. Such goods could include, a small pin, flower, small candy, etc. All goods must be approved by the USC.

Raffles are not permitted unless you have received written permission or a license from the Lottery and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Proof of such must be provided to the USC.

All charities being fundraised for must be a Registered Canadian Charity and a letter from an authorized signing officer from the charitable organization must be received outlining that they are aware of the fundraising efforts on their behalf and will accept the donation.

All funds raised and collected from the fundraising event by a USC Affiliated Group must be deposited into the student organization’s USC finance account the next business day. No direct payment to the Charity or Charities account is permitted to be solicited at the table or event.

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