Food and Catering

Display/Promotional Space
(Atrium/Lower Level/Concrete Beach)

Western Hospitality Services has exclusivity over the pre-sale, sale and distribution of all food and beverages on campus.  Therefore, no group is permitted to pre-sell, sell, or handout any food and beverage items with the exception of small pre-wrapped commercially prepared candies. 

Groups are permitted to distribute, at no cost, food and beverage that has been ordered and secured through Western Hospitality Services or through The Wave/Spoke Catering Department.  All rules for safe food handling as determined by these catering services must be followed.

Special dispensation to distribute certain food and beverage not available through Western Hospitality Services or The Wave/Spoke Catering Department may be granted, on a case-by-case basis, based on religious, cultural or dietary restrictions or requirements.  Requests must be included with your application and will be reviewed. 

Commercial Marketing groups wishing to sample products or giveaway large food or beverage items can make an application to do so and will be assessed the appropriate fee for so doing.

Unapproved food and beverage distribution may result in the cancellation or removal of a table/display and/or suspension of future booking privileges.

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