Food and Catering

Display/Promotional Space (Atrium/Lower Level/Concrete Beach)

NO FOOD is permitted to be brought in and given out at any promotional table in the UCC, with the exception of small pre-wrapped commercial candies. No open bowls of unwrapped candy or snacks are permitted.

Event & Meeting Space (Conference Rooms/Activity Room/McKellar Room/Mustang Lounge)

NO FOOD is permitted in the conference rooms with the exception of personal beverages and snacks.

FOOD SERVICE IS PERMITTED for events hosted in the Activity Rooms, McKellar Room and the Mustang Lounge and must be contracted through The Wave Catering Department. 

Catering Requests can be made here:

Outside Caterers or Food Service Providers or Required Specialty Food Service

If specialty food service (religious or cultural) is required for an event in the Activity Rooms, McKellar Room or the Mustang Lounge and cannot be accommodated by The Wave, all outside caterers and food service providers must be vetted and approved through The Wave Catering Department.  

Please contact them at

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