USC aims to build community and boost spirits with late-night breakfast 

Nico Waltenbury, USC News | Posted: December 11th, 2019, 9:30pm

Last night was the first of three nights of the University Students’ Council’s late night exam breakfast program. 

Started in 2011, thousands of Western students have enjoyed a free ‘midnight snack’ over the past decade. Beginning as a small initiative to brighten students’ moods during the winter exam period, the program has grown into a staple of the USC’s annual at-large programming. 

“We do late-night breakfast to build community and boost spirits during a stressful time of year for most undergrad students,” said USC President Bardia Jalayer. 

Jalayer explained that any student is welcome to stop by for breakfast. “It’s totally free with no strings attached,” he assured. 

During the first night, a record 597 students were served by the USC’s count. A small army of USC executives, associates, and coordinators, with the help of the Wave’s student-staff, distributed meals to students. Breakfast included pancakes, sausages, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and coffee and tea. 

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The initiative is funded by the President’s budget with support from the USC Alumni Foundation, which is separate from the USC and a registered charity. 

The Foundation exists to fill gaps and support the delivery of critical non-academic services to Western students. Programs funded by the Foundation are meant to promote holistic wellness and supplement physical and mental health programs services on campus. Donations come primarily from USC alumni.

Editor’s Note: to learn more about the USC Foundation, visit 

“Providing opportunities to bring students together, especially during the exam period, is really important to the USC,” said USC Student Programs Officer Cecilia Liu, who oversees the USC’s peer support program. 

“We know that students are facing different stressors and pressures at this time of year and many are on campus pretty late studying for their next exam or writing that last essay,” added Liu, “…so if this brightens their day, even a little bit, and helps them get through to the winter break, then it’s worth it.”

Fourth-year HBA/Engineering dual-degree student Spencer Dale confirmed the program was much appreciated by students. 

“It beats all the KD I’ve been eating during exams, that’s for sure,” he joked. 

Dale, who is also a USC club executive, acknowledged that not every student directly interacts with the USC on a daily basis beyond trips to the Spoke and Wave, which are both owned and operated by the student association. 

“I think this program is a great way for the average student to interact with the USC and a nice chance to connect with friends during a really busy and stressful time.”

Late-night breakfast continues tonight and tomorrow night at 10:00pm in the UCC Mustang Lounge West. Food is served while quantities last, so students are encouraged to arrive early to ensure they aren’t disappointed. 

Students staying late on campus can also take advantage of the USC’s free late night exam shuttle which services student neighbourhoods this week until 4:30am, and next week until 2:15am. Pick-up is at the Weldon Library/Oxford Drive bus stop. Full details and schedule available on the USC’s website “Exam Shuttles”.

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