Western may seem like a city in itself, but there’s so much more beyond the main gates of Campus to see and explore. Here’s everything you need to know to get you where you’re going. 

Transportation Options


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The USC / LTC Bus Pass

Every full time undergraduate student is issued a London Transit Bus Pass. This is valid for free unlimited rides, at all bus stop locations, at all hours of operation, seven days a week (including holidays). Some will use it simply to ride the 2 Dundas route over and over again each morning to get to class. Others will take full advantage of this opportunity and use this cost-free ticket to experience all the city of London has to offer. In collaboration with the LTC, the USC is committed to providing Western Students with a Universal Bus Pass.  As part of the continued efforts to create a more efficient program, the Paper Pass is being phased out in favor of the Western One tap card.  However, until further notice, we will continue to provide a paper bus pass to those students who have yet to receive the MIFARE Western One Card. How do I get my pass? 1st through 4th years simply use your One card….. 5th plus years: There are a limited number of passes available.  You can pick up your pass by asking at the USC Main Office in UCC Room 340.
How do I use my pass? Tap your enabled One card or present your paper pass and One card to be able to ride the LTC.  First and second-year students should exclusively be using their bus pass enabled One card. When does my pass expire? Every bus pass is valid from September 1st to August 31st (the entire school year and through the summer). That means that if you are living or working in London through the summer holidays, you can continue to use the bus pass from the previous school year! What if I lose my pass? Losing a bus pass can be frustrating, but the good news is that you shouldn’t have to pay for a new LTC membership. Simply email the bus pass administrator ( ) to ask if your bus pass has been returned to their office. If it has, you can reclaim your pass Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm (with the proper I.D.) You can also check in with Lost and Found at the Campus Police office. If you have lost your student card and bus pass you can replace your One card at Student Central (there will be a replacement fee). Your new One card will be Bus Pass enabled, so you can continue to ride the LTC. You will not need to replace the paper pass. Can I use someone else’s pass? No- using anyone’s Bus Pass but your own is considered fraud and can result in the Bus Pass’ confiscation. The LTC or the University Students’ Council reserves the right to confiscate suspected illegitimate passes. Photocopied bus passes are also considered fraud and we are required to turn them over to the Campus Police for investigation and can result in the Bus Pass’ being confiscated, all the way up to censure and possible expulsion. If you wish to appeal the decision to confiscate your bus pass, you may e-mail with the heading “Attn: Bus Pass Administrator”. *Please note there will be a $50.00 administration fee if your appeal is successful. In short, if you lose your pass and try to get away with using someone else’s pass, it is likely you will both end up with no pass. At least you’ll have a friend to walk with? ( Can I opt-out of the pass? There is no option to opt-out of the USC Bus Pass. It is a mandatory plan, authorized by a student referendum that requires all full-time undergraduate students to participate. However, even if you have a car, the bus pass can come in handy. The pass allows you to hop on the Mustang Express, which sure if cheaper than a cab when coming home from Rick McGhie night! How do I claim the Bus Pass on my taxes? There are no special tax forms issued for the Bus Pass as it is charged along with your Tuition. Please use the online statement of account found at the Student Center ( as proof of amounts paid. As Bus Pass charges cross tax years, you can claim only one-half the cost on your current return. The remainder must be claimed in the next tax year.

Mustang Express

Where your USC Bus Pass stops at night, the Mustang Express picks right back up so you can safely get home from the downtown area. All full-time and part time students are eligible to use the shuttle service provided they have their valid UWO Student ID on them. Check out the Mustang Express Pick-Up points so you never have to worry about hailing a cab downtown again. Service dates begins on September 10th, 2020 and runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, starting at 1am until 330 am. ALL COVID MASK AND DISTANCING MEASURES ARE REQUIRED TO RIDE   Click to view full size…. Safety Rules & Terms of USC Students will only be permitted to board the shuttle at designated Mustang Express pick-up locations. No passengers will be permitted to board the shuttle at designated drop-off locations. Please have a valid University student identification card ready to show to the shuttle driver before entering shuttle. (No one will be allowed to board shuttle without a valid University of Western Ontario Student ID Card or valid temporary pass, no exceptions) Please wait for shuttle to come to a full stop and doors are opened before approaching shuttle bus. Please allow students leaving shuttle to exit first. (This allows the driver to determine the amount of seating available.) Only one person per seat is allowed on the shuttles. Once the shuttle has reached its destination, please remain stationary until the shuttle comes to a complete stop. Please ensure that all items are stored out of the aisles. No eating or drinking is allowed on shuttles. Food or drink must be in a closed container and must remain closed while on the shuttles. Weapons of any type are prohibited on the shuttle bus. Smoking is prohibited on shuttle bus. Please be courteous to the drivers and other passengers and keep your voice levels within a normal speaking range. Due to the limited amount of seating for University students and insurance liability issues, no children or non-university students or personnel are allowed to ride on the shuttle bus unless in possession of a valid temporary pass. Animals other than those accompanying visually impaired students are prohibited on the shuttle bus. Threats made against anyone on the shuttle, harassment of anyone on the shuttle, and/or refusal to exit shuttle is prohibited and will be reported to appropriate authorities.

Exam Shuttles

A late night Exam Shuttle Service is provided by your Students’ Council to offer students a safe way to get home. Check back here or follow us on Social Media closer to exam time for routes and schedules.

Affiliate Shuttles

Thinking of taking a class at an affiliate but dreading the walk up the Brescia hill or all the way to King’s? Don’t let the distance stop you! During class times, there is a shuttle bus that connects main campus with both University Affiliate Campuses that lie just outside of our Western bubble so you never have to miss out on a class again. Shuttle details can be found by clicking here.

Greyhound Service

If you’re one of the many students at Western who is not a born and raised Londoner, the USC’s Purple Store is your go-to for trips back to your home town. As a licensed Greyhound ticket agent, you can easily purchase or print student-fare tickets here on your way to class. There are also on-campus pickups on Fridays, so you can make it home right after lecture just in time for the weekend.
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