USC General Survey – Enter to Win by March 28!

Facebook groups, group chats and group projects are no stranger to surveys. But there is one survey a year that grasps the attention of many students. The University Students’ Council (USC) releases the Annual Survey in the Spring of each year and is one of the main mechanisms that the USC uses to gauges student opinion. The survey reflects the impact the USC has on student life on campus and helps to set the future direction of the organization. It is a yearly opportunity for the USC to understand and reflect the diverse and changing needs and desires of students.

Every year thousands of students respond to the Annual Survey, this year, increasing student engagement and feedback has been a pillar of the Communications portfolio. “Gathering student opinion is essential for the USC to accurately understand the evolving needs of our students,” said Mikaela Harrison, USC Communications Officer, “we know that students are the experts when it comes to their diverse and dynamic needs. Our annual survey gives us a clear avenue to gather and reflect on their feedback, of course with some fun incentives.”

A portion of the ancillary fees you pay each year goes towards support the programming, advocacy and initiatives that the USC provides. These activities range from advocacy at municipal, provincial and federal levels of government; events such as PurpleFest, the Festival of the Arts, and Inclusivity and Accessibility Conference; and vital student services on campus such as the Peer Support Centre and the Allyship Network. The USC is built on the mission to improve the educational experience and quality of life for all undergraduates at Western University – the student voice, above all else, is crucial the fulfillment of this mission.

The Communications Team at the USC works to create the annual survey each year. Callista Ryan, Third-year International Relations Student and the USC’s Student Feedback Coordinator has worked tirelessly to create the survey. “Working on the student general survey has been an absolute pleasure,” said Ryan, “Once the survey closes, I’m excited to analyze the data and report the findings to the USC Executive, who will hear the voices of the student body in writing and listen to those voices to direct its future initiatives and services. It’s inspiring to see how much the USC values and responds to student feedback.”

Filling out the Survey has its perks… Those who filled out the survey before March 14th were entered to win two tickets to the JUNOS, which was hosted in London on March 18th, featuring some familiar talent

If you fill out the survey by March 21, you will have a chance to win: one (1) $200 gift card to the BookStore; one (1) $200 Amazon gift card; or one (1) of twenty (20) USC Rewards Cards. 

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The USC annual survey is open until March 28th. Click here to fill out the survey and to help the USC serve you. Have your voice heard.

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