Press Release – March 19, 2019 USC Responds to Provincial Announcement on Sexual Violence Survey

19 March 2019


Content Warning: this press release contains information pertaining to sexual violence on campus.

Today, the Provincial Government revealed the results of the 2018 Student Voices on Sexual Violence Survey, including 160,000 responses — 117,000 of which were from university students. This announcement reflects the need for action to improve safety on our campus and end sexual violence on campus. Over 8,000 Western students responded – 71.6% disclosed sexual harassment and 32.4% of respondents disclosed non-consensual sexual experience.

Carina Gabriele, Student Programs Officer said, “As we watched the announcement from Minister Fullerton we were saddened and frustrated. These results are not shocking. Sexual violence has been a long standing issue across post-secondary campuses.”

The provincial government has mandated the implementation four provisions to improve the safety of postsecondary campus. The USC was satisfied to see the government’s commitment to six million dollars in funding for the Women’s Campus Safety Grant, which is a step to improve campus safety. This translates to approximately $8 dollars in funding per student across Ontario. The USC is a member of the Women’s Safety Committee and looks forward to working collaboratively with the University to address sexual violence on this campus – including providing programming and support.

“The survey results reveal the immediate need to take action to address sexual violence on campuses across Ontario,” said Danny Chang, USC Vice President President and OUSA President, “Adequate student representation on the task force dedicated to ending sexual violence on campus, as mandated by the provincial government, will be critical to its success.”

The survey results highlight the need to take immediate action to address sexual violence on campus. The University Students’ Council recognizes that sexual violence on our campus is under reported. We must do better across our campuses to improve programming and support in order end sexual violence on campuses across the province.

Click here for our video response.

We recognize that the subject of this announcement may trigger strong emotions. If you or someone you know requires support, please consult the resources below:

  • Good2Talk: visit or call 1-866-925-5454

  • Anova (24 hour crisis & support line): Call (519) 642-3000

  • CMHA Crisis Centre & Reach Out (24/7 Crisis and Support Services): Visit 648 Huron St, London or call: (519) 433-2023

  • Sexual Violence Prevention Education Coordinator: call (519) 661-3568, or email:

  • For a full list of resources, click here.

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To enhance the educational experience and quality of life for all undergraduates at Western University


Mikaela Harrison

Communications Officer

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