USC Showcases 400 Opportunities Available to Undergraduate Students

Western’s University Students’ Council is currently accepting applications for over 400 work, volunteer, and student leadership positions on campus for the 2019-2020 academic year. Posted opportunities include USC associates, coordinators, interns, and part-time positions at the USC’s services and operations.

“Western students gain skills and knowledge in the classroom everyday on our campus,” says USC President Mitch Pratt, “the USC strives to provide further opportunities for undergraduates to learn and grow as leaders, thinkers, and creators outside of the classroom by practicing their skills while contributing to their campus community.”

Pratt says that the USC is proud to be the largest student employer on campus and facilitate meaningful work and volunteer experiences for students. This sentiment was echoed by current USC staff and student leaders. “Working for the USC gives students an opportunity to make a difference for their peers and for themselves, while building skills and experience they can leverage for the rest of their lives,” noted Nico Waltenbury,  Associate Communications.

The scope, expectations, and compensation of positions available varies, appealing to a wide range of students across academic disciplines. All roles are paid hourly, except coordinators, which receive a per-term honorarium.

Associate positions directly support a USC executive in the execution of their portfolio to deliver the USC’s elected mandate. The Vice President, Student Programs Officer, Secretary-Treasurer, and Communications Officer each have three associates who support a specific function of the portfolio and typically work 5-10 hours per week.

Coordinator positions generally serve a specific program or service area, such as Theatre Western, Indigenous Relations, and Student Engagement. “Coordinator positions are ideal for students who are passionate about an issue or cause and want to champion the USC’s services and programming in that area,” said USC Student Programs Officer Carina Gabriele, who has 13 coordinators in her portfolio.

Food Support Services Coordinator Selina Phan spoke about her desire to make a difference for her peers on camus. “I’ve been striving to find a role that allowed me to work towards something I cared about while providing me with the support to work effectively for the cause. My experience working as a USC Coordinator has done just that.”

Interns report directly to USC staff and gain practical skills in their service area. Currently, nine USC internships are accepting applications, including Advocacy Research, Graphic Design, Web Development, and others. On internship opportunities, Nathan Szierer, Deputy Returning Officer noted, “I have definitely grown as a student and as a person during my time in the role and it has helped me better understand how to accomplish my future goals.”

Lastly, the USC has hundreds of part-time opportunities in their owned and operated services and operations. Positions are available in Creative Services, USC Promotions, USC Events, The Purple Store, The Spoke, The Wave, and Western Film. “These positions offer convenient and flexible work opportunities, giving students a chance to earn some extra money while recognizing that employees are students first,” said USC Chief Operating Officer Jeff Armour.

The best part of these positions, said Waltenbury, is meeting new people and engaging with student leaders from across campus. “The interactions I have with other student leaders only reinforces the range of diversity and perspectives within the USC that makes our organization so strong and allows us to represent so many undergraduates at Western. I am constantly inspired by our student leaders and gain a renewed sense of energy and passion with each new person I meet, which helps me succeed in my position and remember why the USC exists in the first place.”

Applications for USC opportunities close on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 at 11:59pm. Interested students are encouraged to check out the USC Website for more information. The USC is also hosting a Job Fair on Wednesday, February 27th and Thursday, February 28th from 10:00am-3:00pm in the UCC Atrium.

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