Work With Us!

During their time at Western, students develop through their experiences in the classroom. However, the USC believes that there should also be student opportunities to grow as leaders, thinkers, and creators outside of the classroom.

Whether you are looking for income from a part-time job — right here on campus! — or to gain experiential learning to supplement your education, continue reading to find out how what opportunities await you….

We are constantly seeking dedicated students to fill roles within the USC. We offer opportunities for both convenient Part Time work in the heart of campus and volunteer positions that give you a rewarding way to enhance life at Western.

Looking to get involved outside the Western Bubble? Start with this handy guide to Community Opportunities….

Other Opportunities

Throughout the year, various positions come available on the governance side of the USC. While these will be included with all Postings once the application period opens, you can read more about them below right now.

A councillor is an undergraduate student who is elected by peers to represent their interests on the council floor. These students come from all the undergraduate faculties and professional schools, and are responsible for understanding the business of council – suggesting changes to policies or initiatives as they see fit.

Associates directly support a USC Executive in the execution of their portfolio, and are paid an hourly rate for their work. Coordinators are volunteer leadership positions who work to engage students in meaningful extracurricular pursuits, while supporting the programming interests and advocacy platforms of the USC Executive. As resource providers, service programmers, event planners, social educators, policy writers and creative designers, Associates and Coordinators contribute immensely to the overall student experience at Western

There are opportunities available in each portfolio so you can get involved in a capacity that caters to your interests.


Without you, there is no USC. And similarly, if people on this campus aren’t informed about the events we’re running, the supports we offer, or the decisions that are up for debate, we are not fulfilling our goal to enrich your student experience. Get involved in the Communications portfolio to help spread the message on campus and get the word out. Whether you want to talk with students about their needs and join or Hype Team, or your passions lie behind the lens of camera shooting great photos or videos, there’s something for everyone to explore in Communications.


The USC thrives and functions on student feedback. We exist to advocate for you. And while the USC has the power to change things within our organization, a lot of issues that directly affect students are out of our control and need to be addressed through advocacy initiatives. If speaking about student concerns on and off campus (and to all levels of government) on behalf of our ever-changing student body is something that interests you, get involved with our Advocacy portfolio. You’ll have the power to talk one on one with students and brainstorm the best approach to get their needs heard.

Student Programs Officer:

We want to ensure that everyone on this campus feels respected, welcomed, accepted, represented, and supported in everything they do. And who better to understand these important student needs than you? Get involved with the Student Programs portfolio and you’ll be working on initiatives put on by the Wellness Center, Peer Support Centre, and more to improve the structures in place that pose challenges to students’ success and wellbeing.  If you would like to assist in removing those barriers and ensuring that all the diverse voices of Western are represented and considered in every decision the USC makes, get involved in the “Inclusivity Portfolio” and help celebrate uniqueness and individuality.

Secretary Treasurer:

The Secretary Treasurer is here to demystify the financial and corporate world of the USC and make sure you’re well informed about the decisions being made. Their number one goal is transparency and they are constantly working to ensure all members of your Students’ Council are acting in line with the USC’s policies to serve the student population.

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the corporate sides of the organization. They are assigned with approving Council’s yearly budget and assessing financial risks or opportunities. Other important functions include developing strategic plans to assist the USC in fulfilling their obligations to undergraduate students, as well as participating in the development of the USC’s organizational plan and annual review.

Whether you’re looking for journalism experience, fun spinning your favorite tracks, filming all the coolest events on campus, or just want to learn more and meet great people with similar interests, be sure to volunteer for these student media outlets.