Inclusivity Programming

Regardless of any marginalizing identifying factors, you belong at Western. To reinforce that value of equality, the USC is committed to promoting Inclusivity Programming. The goal of this service is to provide the Western community with awareness of social issues, support for marginalized groups, advocacy initiatives to improve the lives of undergraduate students, and volunteer opportunities for interested students. Our support services are distinct from what is offered by our club’s system and they work to create a more inclusive, informed, and caring university community. Here, you will find supports specifically aimed to address issues and promote representation in terms of LGBTQ+ resources, gender, cultural groups, and accessibility on campus.



The goal of the Accessibility Committee is to increase and improve access to University Students’ Council for students on campus and in the London community by providing venues for students with varying disabilities to overcome these challenges, and coordinating advocacy strategies to make positive changes.


Allyship Network

Allyship Network is dedicated to creating allyship, inclusivity, and safer spaces. As an outreach service, Allyship organizes free educational workshops which promote the following objectives: creating a safe, accepting, and inclusive environment, where diversity is understood and embraced; reducing fear of discrimination or harassment; educating participants about challenging issues, and creating a visible support network for the entire Western community.




Ethno-cultural Support Services exists to embrace and highlight the variety of diverse racial, indigenous, and religious groups on campus. Through thoughtful programming on campus, we coordinate events that allow Western students to fully recognize and experience our multicultural student body.
ESS promotes discussions on campus of important race issues and challenges students to engage in meaningful conversations of anti-racism. Our programming works to promote an understanding among students that issues of race, culture, and identity are complex. We respond to incidents involving race and culture that arise on campus and in our broader community through our programming and support.

The committee is involved with the London community through several diversity initiatives. We are actively engaged with advocating for policies that represent a more diverse community within the city, which has direct impacts to students on campus. The committee offers pathways for students to have a voice in London and represents the university within the local community.

Through our campaigns, advocacy, and events, Ethno-cultural Support Services work towards building an equitable and inclusive campus for all racialized, religious, & indigenous students.


Twitter: @ethnowestern

Gender Equality Network

The Gender Equality Network (formerly Women’s Issues Network) is a USC-funded service at Western University. We provide resources & safe space, and advocate on gender issues.
The Gender Equality Network (GEN) educates Western University’s campus on issues of gender equality and gender diversity by providing comprehensive and diverse educational programming through events, speaker series, conferences, and collaborative initiatives with various on-campus groups and community partners.

Through an intersectional and feminist lens, GEN recognizes issues of gender equality and diversity as topical and relevant discussion for university campuses. The Gender Equality Network aims to:
– Provide intersectional and diverse programming that elicits discussions on sexism, gender equality, and feminism through content that is relatable to university campuses, and cognizant of gendered issues.
– Incorporate diverse opinions, and encourage inclusive conversations from all individuals on campus on issues of gender equality and diversity.
– Work with local London organizations and charities that have feminist objectives to encourage their good work, and bring awareness to their services.
– Create accessible programming that responds to cultural and societal events, and generates conversations about how to be an advocate for change within the community.
– Engage Western students in issues and topics they may otherwise have not been aware of, such as “what is a feminist?”, intersectionality, the value of consent, sexual harassment in the work place, and much more!
– Use our social media to provide relevant resources and news of current events related to feminism and/or feminist activism in our community.

GEN organizes programming around dates such as International Women’s Day, where a variety of speaker events are scheduled, along with a conference to celebrate women leaders in the Western community, and to discuss current feminist issues. Throughout the year, GEN can be found holding booths in the UCC that intend to educate passing students of topical issues on campus, or provide information about how to contact or volunteer with local London organizations such as ANOVA, and Sexual Assault Centre London. In line with the University Students’ Council’s mission statement, GEN enhances the educational experience and quality of life for all undergraduate students at Western University by creating gender based programming for students, and by students. By working collaboratively with various western clubs, faculty councils, faculties, and USC coordinators, GEN creates interactive, educational, accessible, and enjoyable programming for all students to utilize and draw from for years to come.

Make sure to follow the GEN Facebook page to stay updated on any of our recent news and events in the Western community!


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Health and Wellness

Discover services and programs in place to educate students on issues surrounding mental health, social health, campus safety, healthy lifestyles, and alcoholic substance abuse prevention.

Indigenous Relations

The Indigenous Relations addresses relevant Indigenous issues, as well as creates and promotes Indigenous programming on campus. Working with campus stakeholders such as clubs and Indigenous Services to plan Western’s Pow Wow, create programming for Indigenous Awareness Week, and plan relevant awareness campaigns, we use both research and lived experience to aid in the centralization of Indigenous perspectives into USC programming.


Pride Western

Run entirely by students, PrideWestern provides programming, services, and are advocates for the LGBTQ2+ population on Western’s campus. Running various monthly discussion groups, holding social events, and providing office hours, PrideWestern wants to make sure that everyone on campus feels safe and can connected with community

Through the programming it provides, PrideWestern strives to create a safe, welcoming space for people of all sexual orientations/expressions and gender expressions/identities. The spaces PrideWestern creates are supposed to be where support can be found, new connections can be made, and people can feel like they’re part of a caring community. There are many ways people can connect with PrideWestern: by volunteering to be an executive or on an executive committee, by attending our regular support programming (i.e. discussion groups), by attending our annual events (i.e. Pride Week, 1 Girl 5 Queers, Pride Ball), or by connecting with an executive at office hours or via appointment to discuss personal educational, social, and/or health and wellness needs.

PrideWestern also tries to make sure that its programs and services are accessible to everyone by offering them all free of charge. Executives are also open to any feedback and advice offered and invites anyone who feels needs are being left unaddressed or inadequately responded to, to meet up and discuss them. There are many ways to be involved with an organization as dynamic and multi-faceted as PrideWestern, so reach out and get involved!



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