Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response

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4. Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response

Students should not feel unsafe in their own community. However, the unfortunate reality is that many students have had experiences of sexual and/or gender-based violence on campus or within the London community. We are committed to tackling this issue by focusing on prevention and providing support. By raising awareness and educating students on this issue, we hope to create a welcoming environment where students are able to recognize and step-in when witnessing harassment, and also receive necessary support if they experience such violence. We are also committed to playing our part to make campus feel safe and secure as students return to campus after a year of online schooling.

Executive Lead: Eunice Oladejo, Vice President External Affairs


Executive Lead



Centralized Disclosure Tool to Access Supports

Callista Ryan

The USC Executive is working on resource consolidation efforts and the potential for a Sexual Health Resource Centre as a potential service to be offered on campus.


Increased relations with ANOVA

Eunice Oladejo

The USC VPEA has been relationship building with ANOVA. ANOVA has participated and offered services on campus, including at our week of action.


Improvements to lighting

Zamir Fakirani and Eunice Oladejo

VPEA has met with Mayor Ed Holder to discuss the city’s role in increased lighting and has been connected with the CEO of the downtown London Business Association to amplify this concern. The USC President has also raised this concern to Western Administration.


Reinstate Student Voices on Sexual Violence Survey

Eunice Oladejo

The USC’s VPEA has forwarded this recommendation to the Minister of Colleges and Universities, the Higher Quality Council of Ontario, and to several MPP’s through OUSA’s lobby week.



Additional Executive Initiatives

The Executive Roadmap plans out how the executive will structure their programs, plans, and portfolios for the year under organized priority areas. However, when new opportunities or issues arise, they may implement additional programs. See below for updates on these additional initiatives.

SGBV Response and Advocacy Plan

  • The USC Executive has put forward many efforts in SGBV Prevention and Response. Please visit our webpage here for details on the USC’s Advocacy Recommendations and programming.

Survivor Support and Consultations

  • ANOVA worked with the USC’s VPUA to facilitate survivor consultations to inform ASGBV advocacy. 
  • The USC’s VP EA worked with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities to announce changes to the reporting and disclosure process.
  • President has met with the CEO of Downtown London to provide insight into how the city can become a safer place for our queer and female students.

Women’s Safety Grant

  • The VPUA sits on the Women’s Safety Grant Committee at Western and reviewed, marked, and provided feedback on proposals and applications for funding.


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