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The USC Charity Committee is composed of a passionate and dedicated group of individuals that are responsible for planning and executing 4 charity events throughout the academic year, including the Haunted House, Children’s Holiday Party, Dine in the Dark and Relay for Life.

Haunted House
The Haunted House is a spooky, 3-day event held in the Mustang Lounge in October. Financial and non-perishable food item donations will be in support of Food Support Services.

Ways to Get Involved:
The Haunted House has volunteers every year who help with the set up & take-down of the house, orchestrate the makeup & costumes, and/or perform as actors. In addition, anybody is welcome to walk through the Haunted House — but be prepared to get scared!


Children’s Holiday Party
Children’s Holiday Party is held in December, and provides foster children and their families from the Care Provider’s Association of London & Middlesex with a fun-filled day of food, gifts and festive-themed activities to celebrate the holiday season. Volunteers are paired up with a child to spend the day with them, make crafts, play games and have fun!

Ways to Get Involved:
The Children’s Holiday Party has volunteers sign-up every year to be paired with a child or a group of children for the whole event, and spend the day with them making crafts & playing games. Volunteers are there to have fun, but are also there to ensure that the children and their families are enjoying this festive-filled day.


Dine in the Dark
Dine in the Dark is an event held every January that provides a unique culinary experience. There will be a gourmet, 3-course meal with live musical entertainment that will all be experienced in complete darkness! The event is to provide participants with an understanding of what it is like to be visually impaired and explore sensory experiences. All proceeds will go to the DeafBlind Ontario Services, which provide independent living support, assisted living opportunities and interpreter assistance to adults who are congenitally deaf and blind.

Ways to Get Involved:
Dine in the Dark requires between 5-10 volunteers to lend a helping hand throughout the night, such as leading people to and from their seats with their blindfolds on and helping those who cannot find their way around the venue. Additionally, anybody is welcome to attend the event as a participant — look out for ticket sales closer to the date of the event!


Relay for Life
Relay for Life an inspirational, non-competitive 12-hour overnight fundraising event held in mid-March. It brings you and your community together to celebrate life and fight cancer. It has a festival-like atmosphere, and teams of 10-15 people fund raise and enjoy in the many fun activities, live music, food and entertainment throughout the night. Proceeds will go towards the Canadian Cancer Society, more specifically towards life-saving cancer research, advocacy and services and support for those faced with cancer.

Ways to Get Involved:
Relay for Life is our biggest event and requires a lot of volunteers to help oversee the night. Volunteers help with the set-up and take-down of the event, conduct activities throughout the night, manage registration and much more. Of course, students are welcome to make teams with their friends and attend the event as a participant. Relay is especially great for Residence Floor bonding, as it is one of the last major events before exam season!

Throughout the year, we will be hosting several volunteer excursions to charities & organizations outside of Western’s campus. We hope to perform acts of kindness around the London community and show our dedication to helping others beyond UWO. We welcome any prospective ideas about where to dedicate our time and volunteer efforts.



The USC Charity Committee has many portfolios dedicated to maintaining relationships both on campus and beyond. Our Sponsorship, Promotions and Media Coordinators are dedicated to spreading the word about our initiatives, obtaining sponsors for all of our events and creating amazing posters, logos and videos to showcase our efforts.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate with any of the communications portfolios, please do not hesitate to contact us.

USC Charity Coordinator:

Areas of Involvement:

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