Your 2018-2019 USC Executive Year in Review

My name is Mitch Pratt, and I am your University Students’ Council President for the 2018/2019 year. Our executive has had an exciting, yet tumultuous year. As we look to wrap our term as your USC executives, we thought it was essential to let students know what we’ve been up to. I’m excited to see what the future holds for the USC, and the incoming executive team. Like any well-seasoned university student, we work well under pressure! As always, we’re here to listen, please reach out!

Here you will find a review of projects outlined by each member of our executive. Many of the advocacy goals as laid out in this year end report are ongoing as there is always work to be done to enhance the Western student experience. It should also be noted that although we were elected on these platform points, and have worked hard on them since, we continue to advocate on more than just these topics and have achieved success in many other endeavours.

Outside of our platform, it’s been a busy year! From the Free Menstrual Product Pilot Project, the Women in House Program, to being dynamic in the face of the Student Choice Initiative, by implementing Executive Restructuring to the changing needs of students, we’ve seen unprecedented student engagement, and we’re excited to hand off some of these projects to the incoming executive.

>> Read the Full Report (PDF)

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