Pints and Politics is Back for the Last Time This Year 

For the final time this year the USC will be hosting Pints and Politics, a favourite event of many, which brings together local politicians and students.

Undergraduate Students typically spend about four years within the London community – though many go on to become long standing community members – for the average student, their connection to the City of London can often be missed. Pints and Politics is one of the many ways the USC works to foster a connection between students and their local politicians and community members. Several community representatives join us on campus a few times a year to chat with students in a casual environment. Pints and Politics hopes to help break down barriers to community engagement by bringing politicians and local representatives directly onto campus.

“This is an opportunity for students to connect with their local representatives at different levels of government, making sure that students voices are heard,” said Danny Chang, USC Vice President, “ It’s really awesome that we have a great relationship with our local representatives. From transit to your post-secondary experience, your thoughts on issues affecting students, at all levels and from all parties can be amplified at events like Pints and Politics.

In 2015, Western University released their economic impact study which revealed that Western students help to inject about $293 million in living expenses to the London economy and $46 million as a result of an estimated 190,000 visitors to Western. As a university, Western contributes approximately $3.6 billion to the London community. One thing is clear – students contribute greatly to their London community throughout their university experience.

The event is free to attend, and the first 50 guests receive a free pint on behalf of the University’s Student Council. The relaxed atmosphere and informal conversations hopes to encourage students to speak with their local representatives and engage them in discussions regarding the issues that matter most to them. Cat Dunne, incoming USC Vice President and fourth year political science student comments on the importance of events such as Pints and Politics. Dunne points out the event is much more than the free food and good conversation, “the event is an opportunity to show our representatives how much students care about the decisions they make.”

Pints and Politics will take place on March 13th beginning at 6:30 at the Wave. Guests in attendance include MPP Terence Kernaghan, MP Karen Vecchio, city councillor Elizabeth Peloza, and Phil Squire, Ward Councillor for Western University, with many more to be confirmed.

All students are welcome and encouraged to attend. Information for the event can be found here.


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