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Looking to get involved in your USC? Start with this handy guide:



Associates directly support a USC Executive in the execution of their portfolio, and are paid an hourly rate for their work. There are opportunities available in each portfolio so you can get involved in a capacity that caters to your interests.


Without you, there is no USC. And similarly, if people on this campus aren’t informed about the events we’re running, the supports we offer, or the decisions that are up for debate, we are not fulfilling our goal to enrich your student experience. Get involved in the Communications portfolio to help spread the message on campus and get the word out. Whether you want to talk with students about their needs and join or Hype Team, or your passions lie behind the lens of camera shooting great photos or videos, there’s something for everyone to explore in Communications.

Associate Social Media:

Support the Communications Officer in their efforts to connect and engage with the student body though the USC’s various social media platforms. Throughout the term, you will have the opportunity to develop marketing and promotional campaigns and implement them on social media platforms, ensuring that all of our engaging content remains up-to-date and a good reflection of the USC’s priorities. You will also collaborate with other departments to run advocacy campaigns through social media.

Associate Communications:

Support the Communications Officer in their efforts to engage and connect with students in the Western community. Throughout the term, you will have the chance to work on various public relations campaigns to get the USC’s message across, assist in the development of the USC’s brand, design various mediums of promotional material, and occasionally act as a spokesperson on behalf of the USC.

Vice President:

The USC thrives and functions on student feedback. We exist to advocate for you. And while the USC has the power to change things within our organization, a lot of issues that directly affect students are out of our control and need to be addressed through advocacy initiatives. If speaking about student concerns on and off campus (and to all levels of government) on behalf of our ever-changing student body is something that interests you, get involved with our Advocacy portfolio. You’ll have the power to talk one on one with students and brainstorm the best approach to get their needs heard.

Associate Academic:

Work alongside the Vice President to conduct research and review policies on undergraduate academics at Western. Throughout the term, you will work collaboratively with the USC’s Advocacy portfolio to coordinate ongoing academic initiatives and bring students’ academic concerns to the forefront of the discussion.

Associate External:

Work alongside the Vice President to communicate the Western student body’s needs to the community outside of our Western bubble. Throughout the term, you will support the Vice President in maintaining professional relationships with partners in the municipal, provincial, and federal governments. You will have the opportunity to communicate students’ needs to partners beyond the Main Gates in order to enact change and give student representation.

Associate Student Experience:

Work alongside the Vice President to represent the interests of all undergraduate students. Throughout the term, you will speak with students in order to find out what their needs are and advocate for those needs on and off campus in order improve the services and opportunities available to students at Western.

Student Programs Officer:

The mission of the USC is to enhance the quality of life for all undergraduates at Western so one of our main concerns is how to best support you and your fellow students. We want to ensure that everyone on this campus feels respected, welcomed, accepted, represented, and supported in everything they do. And who better to understand these important student needs than you? Get involved with the Student Support portfolio and you’ll be working alongside initiatives put on by the Wellness Center, Peer Support Centre, and more to improve the structures in place that pose challenges to students’ success and wellbeing. The people who make up the Western community are all incredibly diverse individuals with different perspectives, experiences, wants, and needs. There is room for everyone on this campus, regardless of their gender, age, sexuality, religion, ability or race. The USC fully acknowledges, however, that there are barriers on our campus that prevent an equal opportunity for all in some circumstances. If you would like to assist in removing those barriers and ensuring that all the diverse voices of Western are represented and considered in every decision the USC makes, get involved in the Inclusivity Portfolio and help celebrate uniqueness and individuality.

Associate Peer Programs:

Under the direction of the Student Programs Officer, you will oversee the operations of Western’s Peer Support Centre – a catalogued safe-space of all the student resources on campus. Throughout the term, you will work directly with the Coordinators whose resources make up the Peer Support Centre to plan and execute the day-to-day activities of the program. You will also provide resource support to the Student Programs Officer.

Associate Clubs:

Support the Student Programs Officer and assist in the management of the day-to-day activities of Western’s ever-evolving and diverse club system. Throughout the term, you will oversee each club’s election process, training process, and their many events. You will have the opportunity to lead the Clubs Support Committee, facilitate Clubs Week, and lead the many Club Town Halls where representatives can come together and discuss their concerns.

Associate Orientation:

In collaboration with the Student Programs Officer, you will take part in the planning and orchestration of Orientation Week and any year-long initiatives that accompany the events. Throughout the term, you provide direct support to the Orientation Committee and Staff and act as a resource for the Soph teams in terms of any financial matters or USC policies, procedures, or support services.

Associate Programming:

Work alongside the Student Programs Officer and oversee the development and orchestration of all campus-wide programming for the USC. Throughout the term, you will provide direct support to Coordinators who facilitate USC events and ensure consistency in all of their communication with the USC. You will also have the opportunity to work on famous campus events such as Purple Fest, Frost Week, and work collaboratively to create engaging promotional campaigns for these events.  

Peer Support Centre Supervisor:

In this role, you will ensure that all students at Western have the necessary services available to make their year a success by managing the Peer Support Centre. Throughout the term, you will be have the opportunity to manage student volunteers, create engaging and relevant educational programming in collaboration with the Centre’s many resources, and manage room bookings for events.

Secretary Treasurer:

The Secretary Treasurer is here to demystify the financial and corporate world of the USC and make sure you’re well informed about the decisions being made. Their number one goal is transparency and they are constantly working to ensure all members of your Students’ Council are acting in line with the USC’s policies to serve the student population.

Associate Finance:

Support the Secretary/Treasurer with issues and policies relating to finances and examinations of the USC’s accounts. Throughout the term, you will have the opportunity to ensure the USC is financially accountable of each event. You will track each event from start to finish and ensure that all those involved have budgeted correctly and have filled out the relevant documentation.

Associate Governance:

Work alongside the Secretary/Treasurer and gain a better understanding of policy writing and governance support. Throughout the term, you will have the chance to manage your own project of ensuring that the USC operates as a fair democratic body, and you will work collaboratively to create and implement new policies and practises. You will also act as a leader and, with guidance, organize USC policy-training to other student leaders involved with the USC.


Areas of Involvement

The USC offers hundreds of paid and volunteer positions for students at Western. These can include internships with business managers, working closely with the student executive, and volunteering on one of the many programming or service files. The core of the USC will always be student leadership and decision-making.

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