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Local Advocacy Week Brings Light to London Issues

Local Advocacy Week is in full swing, with the USC’s advocacy team canvasing the city to meet with municipal, provincial, and federal leaders about local issues that matter to Western students. Over the course of the week, the USC Executive and undergraduate representatives will meet with 15 Councillors, MPPs, and MPs to discuss four key advocacy priorities, including transit, job opportunities, student neighbourhoods and safety, and vibrant communities. USC Vice President Danny Chang’s portfolio leads this effort, in close collaboration with Council’s Advocacy Standing Committee. Local Advocacy Week is the USC’s annual flagship lobbying effort at the municipal level and

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Election Results

USC Election Results

Results – USC Election 2019 Turnout: 8020 (24.3%) of 32995 electors voted in this ballot. USC President / Vice President JALAYER, Bardia / DUNNE, Cat 4277 (58.4%) YE, Frank / FORMAN, Jared 3049 (41.6%) Arts and Humanities Faculty President CADUHADA, Jerika 133 (57.1%) HASHIMOTO, Sean 100 (42.9%) FIMS Faculty President BALOGH, Kyra 285 (73.8%) HART, Cameron 101 (26.2%) Music Faculty President MACDONALD, Leah 108 (60.7%) FITZPATRICK, Paige 70 (39.3%) Nursing Association Faculty President QUANG, Vivianne 164 (48.5%) MANABAT, Virgilio 101 (29.9%) JACKSON, Taylee 73 (21.6%)   Science Faculty President BARROSO, Victoria 881 (61.8%) AHMED, Hasan 544 (38.2%) Science Faculty Councillor

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Purple Sex Provides Opportunity for Feminist Celebration

Purple Sex is an annual opportunity for the feminist community at Western to connect over spoken word, storytelling, music, dance, and performances that celebrate sexuality, bodies and the lives of students. Madeline Vrolyk, the USC’s Coordinator of the Gender Equality Network (GEN), believes that the event is integral to campus life and Western’s student experience. “Feminist events often take on an negative or pessimistic tone because there are so many issues that affect us. That can be discouraging for students, including our team at GEN, but Purple Sex is truly an opportunity for celebration,” said Vrolyk. The Gender Equality Network

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Get Out And Vote With The USC

Following recent announcements from the provincial government regarding student ancillary fees and revised tuition frameworks, student elections have never been more important. The USC President and Vice President are responsible for representing nearly 30,000 Western undergraduate students through advocacy at the university, municipal, provincial, and federal levels. The incoming executive will face unprecedented challenges and their actions will help to shape the very existence of the USC, and campus life here at Western. Now, more so than ever, it is important for students to vote for who they believe will best represent them to these levels of government The incoming

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Press Release – January 30, 2019 Council Meeting Recap

PRESS RELEASE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS’ COUNCIL 31 January 2019 January Council Meeting Recap The University Students’ Council (USC) met on Wednesday, January 30, 2019, for the first meeting of council since the Winter Break. Council received two presentations, held five elections and passed eight motions. Council received a presentation on Western University’s Operating & Endowment Fund Investments by Lynn Logan (Vice President Operations & Finance), Martin Bélanger (Director of Investments), and Tom Keenleyside (Associate Director of Investments). Presenters discussed engagement, responsible investing – under the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing – and the structure of Western’s investment portfolio. Keenleyside emphasized

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Council Meeting

2018-19 Council, Meeting 6

6th Meeting of Council, 2018-19 Meeting Details Meeting #6Date: January 30, 2019Location: UCC Community Room Agenda and Documents Agenda Minutes of the 5th Meeting (for approval) Meeting Recap Minutes will be approved at the following meeting and posted here at that time. Video    Council Meeting Archives Searching for documents or minutes of prior years?   Click here

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Western Film Holds Special Place in the Hearts of Students

Western Film, started from humble beginnings as a movie club on campus. The Western Film Community as it was previously named, showed movies in Middlesex College on the weekends. The club was mostly comprised of film students and other movie fanatics however all students were welcome to attend their showings. They didn’t have the funds to play recent blockbuster, but that didn’t matter much anyway. The students were more interested in playing classic movies. They created a community where they could connect with one another over their mutual love for cinema. University Community Centre underwent major renovations in 1994 and

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Consent Education a Priority During Orientation Week

Carina Gabriele has made sexual consent education a priority during her term as Student Programs Officer as research shows that university students are most likely to experience sexual assault within the first eight weeks of school. “Due to this information, we really wanted to ensure that students clearly understand affirmative consent and that they are educated from the moment they step on campus,” says Gabriele.  With this goal in mind, Gabriele sought out ways to ensure that Orientation week included productive conversations around the topic. She settled on the idea of brightly coloured consent buttons that were distributed to both

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