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Clubs Governance Board Member Nomination – 2022-2023

The Clubs Governance Board acts as the student group that governs the clubs community on campus by enforcing and overseeing policies and procedures that ensure fairness in the clubs culture. The elected Clubs Governance Board (CGB) members play a crucial role in the enforcement and overseeing of the USC’s clubs policies and procedures. Items that may be on meeting agendas include addressing club ratification applications, voting on proposed amendments to club policy and procedure, and holding USC club hearings and sanctions.

Members of the CGB impact the future of the clubs system by presenting recommendations to adjust clubs policy, ratifying new and prevalent clubs, deratifying old outdated student groups, and ensuring the longstanding fair reputation of the clubs system is upheld.

The CGB is looking for 7 students at large to become the members of the Clubs Governance Board.

Students who self nominate will need to attend the upcoming September meeting of the University Students’ Council on September 28th, 7 PM in order to give a brief one minute speech and answer questions. The 7 students will be elected at this September meeting. Invitations to the September meeting will be sent to each nominees uwo email.

Estimated Time Commitment: 2-5 hours a week

Nomination deadline: Monday, September 26, 2022 11:59PM EST

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