Elections Information

Each year, Western’s campus comes alive with student pride and ideas for the future during the Spring Election. From Faculty Presidents to your Student Executive, the undergraduate student body gathers to hear speeches and cast their vote to elect the new USC in February. If you’re interested in learning more about eligibility, position descriptions, important dates, and voting, please visit http://voteusc.ca Policies and Procedures relating to the USC Elections. Example: Elections Governance Committee Campaign Finances Procedure. By-law #2: Elections By-law The rules and regulations that both the candidates and Elections Committee must abide by. Elections Governance Committee Terms of Reference Composition and mandate of the Elections Governance Committee. Elections Governance Committee Campaign Finances Procedure Processes for both candidates and the Elections Governance Committee involving campaign finances. Elections Governance Committee Nominations Procedure Process for candidates to complete a Nomination Form for a USC Election. Elections Governance Committee Violations Procedure Steps the Elections Governance Committee follows during an allegation, including hearings, investigations, and criteria of offenses. Nomination Forms  
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