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USC Coordinators positions are held by undergraduate students. Coordinators work to engage students in meaningful extracurricular pursuits, while supporting the programming interests and advocacy platforms of the USC Executive. As resource providers, service programmers, event planners, social educators, policy writers and creative designers, Coordinators contribute immensely to the overall student experience at Western.

Applications close March 31, 2022.

Vice President University Affairs Portfolio

Recognition and Awards Programs Coordinator leads the Student Recognition and Awards Committee to organize and publicize the program as well as facilitate awards selection and ceremonies. [Read more]  [Apply]

The Student Appeals Coordinator leads the Student Appeals Support Centre (SASC), which exists to assist and educate students by providing confidential assistance and support for undergraduate students looking to navigate situations of conflict or appeal with the university.  [Read more] [Apply]

The Student Development Coordinator oversees the USC Student Development Network and works towards providing students with programming and opportunities promoting professional development; civic engagement; and political education. [Read more] [Apply]

The Community Pantry Coordinator, previously named Food Support Services Coordinator, works to reduce food insecurity on campus by providing quality and accessible food to students by administering the USC’s Food Bank. In addition to managing the USC Community Pantry, its food hamper system, and various food drives, the Coordinator educates students on food insecurity and addresses food-security stigma on campus through online and in-person campaigns and initiatives. [Read  more] [Apply]

The Sexual Wellness Services Coordinator educates and promotes sexual health and wellness amongst the student body through advocacy, campaigns, and programming. They manage the USC’s free the dot. program (the USC’s free menstrual and sexual health products program); execute educational programming on the topic of sexual wellness; advocate for issues related to sexual and gender-based violence prevention and response that have been endorsed by the USC Council and/or Executive; and organize campaigns to break down the stigma associated with sexual health issues that affect students. [Read more] [Apply]

The Upcycle Centre Coordinator builds a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for students to easily access clothing for free. In addition to managing the USC Upcycle Centre and various clothing drives, the Coordinator also educates students on financial insecurity and addresses stigma surrounding financial insecurity on campus through advocacy as well as online and in-person campaigns and initiatives. [Read more]

The Wellness Hub Administrative Coordinator assists the AVP Wellness Equity with administrative tasks related Community Pantry and Sexual Wellness Services volunteer schedules and volunteer event attendance; management of the USC Wellness Hub; and more as determined by the VP University Affairs and AVP Wellness Equity. 

The Coordinator builds a working relationship with fellow Wellness Equity Coordinators and their respective volunteers to provide support on an as-need basis. They also work to increase Wellness Hub usage through feedback forms, advocacy, programming, and creative engagement with the space. [Read more] [Apply]

Vice President Communications & Public Affairs Portfolio

The Brand Journalism Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to author stories for USC News in an effort to increase the USC’s story output and provide more opportunities for student authors. The position reports to the Vice President Communications & Public Affairs, and receive assignments, deadlines, and support from the AVP Public Affairs. [Read more] [Apply]

The Campaigns Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to ideate, manage, and executive campaigns for the USC in an effort to bolster the organization’s communications efforts and provide integrated learning opportunities for students interested in the communications sector. They report to the Vice President Communications & Public Affairs, and receive assignments, deadlines, and support from the AVP Communications. [Read more] [Apply]

The Multimedia Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to liaise with Coordinators, Associates, and Interns within the USC to gather information on upcoming projects, campaigns and events. The Coordinator works directly with the AVP Community Engagement to compile and report on the upcoming events through multimedia communications efforts such as a week at a glance or daily rundown. The Coordinator will also support the regular execution of the communications products alongside the Vice President Communications and Public Affairs. [Read more] [Apply]

Vice President Governance & Finance Portfolio

The Clubs Policy Coordinator works to create a positive and supportive environment for the student leaders on Western’s campus involved in the clubs community. They oversee the development, review, and enforcement of all policies related to the clubs community and work with the Clubs Governance Committee to bring students’ great ideas to life and ratify new clubs each year. [Read More] [Apply]

The Club Supports Coordinator supports students in their club involvement on campus. They act as a resource to all club presidents and vice presidents and support the financial administration of USC clubs. You will also work collaboratively with the AVP Clubs to maintain the administrative tasks involved with managing the clubs system so that all students involved are supported, educated, and celebrated. The Coordinator performs club financial audits, work closely with the USC Finance department and its associated policies, and examine the broader club finance system to ensure optimization. Some programming overseen by the Club Supports Coordinator include: clubs week, club training, year-long appreciation, and town halls. [Read more] [Apply]

The Grants Coordinator works collaboratively with the AVP Finance and the Vice-President Governance and Finance to facilitate the Grants Program, presiding over the disbursement of the Grant Fund. [Read more] [Apply]

The Income Tax Clinic Coordinator organizes and executes the annual USC income tax clinic. They select and manage a group of student volunteers and organize training sessions in conjunction with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. The Coordinator ensures the clinic itself runs smoothly, maintains the confidentiality of all communications surrounding the clinic, and helps break down the fear and stress students have around filing their taxes. Additionally, they plan financial literacy events throughout the year for undergraduate students to attend. [Read more] [Apply]

Vice President Student Support & Programming Portfolio

The Accessibility Coordinator facilitates programming and initiatives that raise awareness about accessibility-related topics amongst the student body. The Coordinator develops a variety of campaigns and educational resources dispelling misunderstandings related to accessibility and disability. They work with the USC Executive to ensure the organization’s work is accessible, intersectional, inclusive, and equitable. [Read more] [Apply]

The Charity Coordinator promotes volunteerism amongst the student body by maintaining relationships with local charitable organizations to recruit and promote opportunities for students; administering volunteer opportunities through the USC; executing fundraising initiatives; and facilitating charity events throughout the year. [Read more] [Apply]

The Early Outreach Coordinator promotes post-secondary opportunities to youth in the London community to help them discover their passions and abilities. They act as the Program Director for the USC’s Early Outreach Leadership Conference — a weekend-long conference on both the Western and Fanshawe campuses aimed at students for whom structural barriers may make post-secondary education inaccessible. The Coordinator establishes professional relationships with campus and community partners; assists in the selection and training of student volunteers; and executes all programming and initiatives. [Read more] [Apply]

The Enviro USC Coordinator promotes sustainability amongst the student body and broader campus community through programming, campaigns, and initiatives. The Coordinator brings awareness to key environmental issues affecting the student body and/or campus community and empower the student body and campus community to make progressive, sustainable changes. Finally, the Coordinator works with the USC Executive and student groups on campus to ensure programming, policies, and operations are environmentally-friendly and sustainable. [Read more] [Apply]

The Ethnocultural Support Services Coordinator promotes a culturally, ethnically, racially, and religiously inclusive campus community, in which students’ unique backgrounds are embraced and celebrated. The Coordinator does this work through the Services’ programming; by advocating on recommendations that have been endorsed by the USC Council and/or Executive; and by researching and collecting student voices on the issues concerning inclusivity on campus and in the London community. [Read more]

The Gender Equality Network (GEN) Coordinator educates Western University’s campus on issues of gender equality and gender diversity by providing comprehensive and diverse educational programming through events, speaker series, conferences, and collaborative initiatives with various on-campus groups and community partners. Through an intersectional and feminist lens, GEN recognizes issues of gender equality and diversity as topical and relevant discussion for university campuses. GEN also makes active efforts to reach out to students of all genders to provide feminist resources in the community. The Coordinator liaises with other campus groups and organizations on campus and in London to create shared advocacy initiatives and programs to ensure that Western a welcoming and intersectional space for all. [Read more] [Apply]

The Indigenous Students Connection Coordinator addresses relevant Indigenous issues,as well as create and promote Indigenous programming on campus. They work with campus stakeholders, relevant student groups, and the Indigenous Student Centre to create programming for Indigenous Awareness week and plan relevant awareness campaigns. They also work with theIndigenous Students’ Association to support the planning of their annual Pow Wow. The Coordinator uses both research and lived experience to centralize Indigenous perspectives in USC programming. [Read more] [Apply]

The International Student Support Coordinator addresses relevant issues faced by international students, as well as creates and promotes programming on campus for international and exchange students. They work with campus stakeholders such as clubs and Western International to create programming for international students and plan events and campaigns. The Coordinator uses both research and lived experience to aid in the centralization of International student perspectives into USC programming. [Read more] [Apply]

The Peer Support Administrative Coordinator assists the AVP Peer Support with: Peer Support and Peer Programs volunteer management; administrative tasks related to the Peer Support and Peer Programs volunteer schedules; space bookings; volunteer event attendance; physical space management; and more as determined by the VP Student Support & Programming and AVP Peer Support. The Coordinator  builds a working relationship with volunteers and provides them with support on an as-need basis. They also work to increase usage through feedback forms, data, and creative engagement with the space. [Read more] [Apply]

The Pride USC Coordinator facilitates programming and initiatives that promote the inclusivity and acceptance of all genders and sexualities amongst the student body. As well, the Coordinator develops a variety of campaigns and educational resources dispelling misunderstandings related to gender and sexuality. They work with the USC Executive to ensure the organization’s work is intersectional, inclusive, and equitable. [Read more] [Apply]

The Public Arts Coordinator promotes the creation and awareness of students’ art through programming and other initiatives, online and in person. They execute programming to engage with students and promote all forms of art, encouraging artistic expression and exploration; implement some of the USC’s biggest artistic events, namely Nuit Violette and the Festival of Arts; and collaborate with other files under the Student Support and Programming portfolio to promote artistic endeavors. [Read more] [Apply]

The Team USC Coordinator leads a group of student ambassadors in order to bolster the USC’s ability to engage, reach, and receive feedback from the broader undergraduate and professional student body. Through a series of programs, initiatives, and campaigns, they work to foster student engagement in, generate awareness of, and garner feedback on the USC. This programming includes, but is not limited to, USC Day in September; Late-Night Breakfast during high-stress periods; and supporting House Olympics programming. [Read more] [Apply]

The Theatre USC Coordinator facilitates the USC’s annual theatre production; a festival of student-written short plays; and annual music production. They  play a role in all aspects of the execution of these events, including but not limited to project management; the coordination and recruitment of cast and crew; and prop, set, and costume design. The Coordinator also executes professional development opportunities such as workshops for budding performers on campus. [Read more] [Apply]

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