Income Tax Clinic

About the USC Income Tax Clinic

Western’s student tax clinic is hosted by your USC, and takes place every year in March.

It is a free income-tax filing service facilitated by our team of CRA-certified and trained student volunteers.

Following USC and Western guidelines in light on the COVID-19 pandemic, the Clinic is looking into online/dropoff solutions to ensure that clients can still get the tax refunds they’re entitled to. Updates will be provided as soon as they are available.


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Do I need to file my taxes?

Every Canadian resident should file their taxes – this includes students with no income, or students who are dependents of parents or other family members. By filing your taxes, you can receive a substantial tax refund, such as the GST/HST credit, even if you earned no income in 2019. It also allows you to claim your tuition and rent credit, which all students should receive.

Many students are included in their parents’ tax returns. Although it isn’t obligatory for you to file for yourself a second time, it is good practice to begin filing your own returns, especially if you earn an income. By filing on your own, you save time because you already have your own tax slips and documents. It also helps to gain a better understanding of personal taxation early on, especially while you have a simple tax situation as a student.


How and when can I attend the clinic?

Intake for the clinic will be in the University Community Centre Atrium. We will be assisting with refunds for the 2019 tax year only, for all Western undergraduate and graduate students who meet CRA-specific criteria in addition to criteria specified on our event page. We will be accepting clients on a drop-in and appointment basis.

For more up-to-date information, visit our Facebook page.


What should I bring to the clinic?

Mandatory items:

  • USB drive
  • SIN card or SIN number
  • Valid government ID with photo
  • Applicable tax slips
    • T4 (employment income)
    • T4A (scholarships, RESP, grants)
    • T4E (employment insurance)
    • T2202 (tuition, found on Student Center)
    • Medical expenses
    • Other slips as applicable
  • Expense records
    • Medical expenses (health/dental plan)
    • Rent receipt (a lease document or e-transfer is NOT a rent receipt)
    • Charitable donation receipts
    • Records of moving expenses
    • Other expenses as applicable

Mandatory items for international students and new immigrants:

  • Date of arrival to Canada
  • Immigration status (for new immigrants)
  • Foreign income and property records if applicable

Optional items:

  • A copy of your 2019 tax return and Notice of Assessment
  • Proof of money transfer to dependents who are not residents
  • Any other documentation that may pertain to income taxes


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