Appeals Board

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The Appeals Board is the dispute resolution body of the USC empowered to hear cases on appeal from other USC decision-making bodies. The Appeals Board has authority to adjudicate all matters referred to the Board by Council or the By-Laws. The Appeals Board follows the principles of natural justice, including fairness and good conscience.

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Appeals Board is made up of 9 undergraduate student members appointed by the Board and Appeals Nomination Committee. When an application to appeal is received and accepted, a panel of 3, 5, 7, or 9 members will sit in order to hear that particular dispute. At the conclusion of the appeal process, the panel releases written reasons explaining their judgment.   The Appeals Board is governed by USC By-Law #6. Please visit the USC Documents Page for the most current version of the by-law. In order to submit an application to appeal, or to ask any questions about the Appeals Board, its jurisdiction, or the appeal process, send an email to the Chair of the Appeals Board at

Current Appeals Board Members:

Laura Lepine (Chair)
Danielle D’Alonzo (Deputy Chair)
Leah Gale
Adrita Shah Noor
Malcolm Cardoza
Robert Fung
Kevin Spykerman
Tamara Kljakic
Ryan Wolfe


Public Hearings (Completed and Upcoming)


Past Decisions: