About us: EnviroWestern is a USC student service that seeks to promote environmentally sustainable initiatives and behaviours within Western campus. We are divided into various project teams that plan and organize all the amazing events and initiatives that make up EnviroWestern.


Get your hands dirty with this Project Team in your garden away from home! Our focus is on reshaping our relationship with the environment to one of mutual nourishment, and understanding our role in the global food security crisis. We’ll also be growing fresh, organic vegetables in Western’s beautiful greenhouses year-round and working on a native species garden in the spring. Whether you’re a budding beginner or a seasoned green thumb, everyone is welcomed!


Green Building Tours

You are invited to attend tours led by our trained volunteer guides to learn about the green buildings on Western’s Campus (Email Grace at EnviroWestern@WesternUSC.ca for more details). These tour guides are EnviroWestern members that went through a selection process involving an application, interview, and training. Applications are typically out in late September and early October.



We are a project team that focuses on food sustainability initiatives throughout the year as well as responsible for organizing the Food for Thought Gala (a sit-down meal event with an educational component about fair trade, food sustainability, and food waste).


Residence Outreach

We want to promote EnviroWestern campaigns and initiatives in residences and off campus. This project team consists of 16 first year representatives (2-3 per residence/off campus) and they help EnviroWestern spread awareness throughout campus. Applications for first year reps are typically out in late September and early October.



We run reusability initiatives throughout the year, which include, but not limited to, Buy Nothing, Make Something (an event dedicated to teaching people how to make gifts from recycled or waste products) and Refill to Win (An event similar to Roll Up The Rim except you get entered into a raffle for using a reusable mug).



We are a group of like-minded students working towards raising waste reduction awareness around campus. While working alongside Western’s Sustainability Office, the Waste team is excited to run numerous outreach activities and workshops! From organizing the annual clothing swap event to reducing food waste on campus, the Waste team is excited to welcome new members to the project to help raise waste sustainability awareness!



We are responsible for informing students on current issues pertaining to water sustainability. We are particularly passionate about educating students on the environmental implications of consuming bottled water and we run awareness campaigns to encourage students to use reusable water bottles instead. We also coordinate activities during World Water Week, which is held during the third week of March every year.


Biking Resources

How to join: To become a member and find out how YOU can get involved, please take the following steps: 1) Sign up for membership: https://goo.gl/forms/qLqpWf2A6vagTpqn1 2) Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EnviroWestern 3) Like our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EnviroWestern

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Residence-Wide Earth Hour

Residence-Wide Earth Hour

Mar 25, 8:30pm - Mar 25, 9:30pm

Residence Wide (UWO)

For one hour only, turn off the lights in your residence or home to participate in Earth hour. If you're going out, just remember to double check the lights in your room!... See MoreSee Less

Envirowestern Member Appreciation

Envirowestern Member Appreciation

Mar 21, 4:30pm - Mar 21, 6:30pm


We are hosting a potluck event with games, music, and awards for all our members! Thank you for all the help you guys have done this past year!

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