The Student Programs Officer is responsible for managing all of the student-run services and programs that contribute to your Western experience. They are your resource for all things student engagement as they work to support and inspire all students taking on their own leadership positions in the community.

For media inquiries, access to executive members schedules or meeting requests please contact:

Nicholas Waltenbury, Communications Officer (communications@westernusc.ca)


Peer Programs

Asiya Barakzai

Associate Peer Programs


The USC Associate Peer Programs oversees the Peer Programs portfolio, provides administrative support/resources to its’ coordinators, and serves as a liaison between the coordinators and the Student Programs Officer. The Peer Programs portfolio includes the following programs/services: Accessibility, Ally Western, Gender Equality Network (previously known as the Women’s Issues Network), Ethnocultural Support Service, Health Promotions, Indigenous Relations, and Pride Western.  

Madeline Vrolyk

Gender Equality Network Coordinator

The role of the Gender Equality Network Coordinator (previously known as Women’s Issues Network) is to educate Western University’s campus on issues of gender equality and gender diversity by providing comprehensive and diverse educational programming through events, speaker series, conferences, and collaborative initiatives with various on-campus groups and community partners. Through an intersectional and feminist lens, GEN recognizes issues of gender equality and diversity as topical and relevant discussion for university campuses. GEN also makes active efforts to reach out to students of all genders to provide feminist resources in the community. The Coordinator recruits a Committee at the beginning of the school year to help with the planning and marketing of events throughout the year. Some of the issues focused on include: women in politics, women in STEM, the #MeToo movement, pro-choice activism and resources, sexual violence prevention, allyship, intersectionality, missing and murdered Indigenous women, and much more.

Chioma Owo

Ethnocultural Support Services Coordinator

The USC Ethnocultural Support Services exists to embrace and bring awareness to a multitude of diverse racial, Indigenous and religious issues and groups on campus. The Ethnocultural Coordinator position consists of advocating for these diverse ethnocultural communities by creating programs with the purpose of educating students on cultural and religious issues. Ethnocultural Support Services encourage students to learn about the importance of multiculturalism and we accomplish that through the events we hold during the year such as our annual Western Goes Global Showcase. Through our advocacy work and campaigns, our ultimate goal is to make Western a more inclusive campus where diversity is not just tolerated, but embraced and also where every student, no matter their background, is able to come and feel welcome.

Soha Khorsand

Accessibility Coordinator

The USC Accessibility Committee aims to create a community in which all students have the tools they require to make the best of their undergraduate experience. Our portfolio includes doing outreach work to learn more about the specific needs of students with disabilities on campus, and addressing them as they arise. Throughout the year we run several events to raise awareness about issues of accessibility on campus, and advocate for those issues within student government. In addition, we will run a few support groups for students who wish to discuss their experiences on campus. The student experience is incredibly important to us, and we aim to contribute to making campus as accessible and inclusive as possible!

Layne Clarke

Allyship Network Coordinator

The USC Allyship Network coordinator facilitates Allyship, a USC Service dedicated to promoting allyship on campus. At Ally Western, we facilitate allyship training to educate others on the tenants of allyship and promote a safe, accepting, and inclusive environment. In addition to workshops, we design programming on campus such as workshops, panels, and booths to promote awareness and promote ways individuals can support marginalized groups on campus.

Rosa Kniivila and Cici Guo

PrideWestern Coordinators

PrideWestern is a USC service for LGBT2Q+ students; specializing mostly on support and resources. Some of our portfolios include advocacy, community outreach, and student outreach. 
We are currently conducting research into LGBT2Q+ life on campus, with last year’s needs assessment completed, we are now working on campus focus groups. Some of PrideWestern’s events include: monthly discussion groups, movie nights, and Queer Orientation Month (alongside Spectrum UWO and AllyWestern). Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Donika Stonefish

Indigenous Relations Coordinator

The USC Indigenous Relations Coordinator. This position addresses relevant Indigenous issues as well as integrates Indigenous perspectives into USC programming working toward a goal of awareness as well as reconciliation. They coordinate events that cultivate student engagement in cultural customs and traditions, contemporary Indigenous issues, and break down barriers facing Indigenous students to create a more inclusive campus environment.

Peer Support

Matthew Yip

Associate Peer Support

The USC Associate Peer Support responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the USC Peer Support Centre, and serves as a liaison between the Food Support Services coordinator and the Student Programs Officer. The operations include our event planning, our promotional outreach efforts, and management of our 34 volunteers. Associate Peer Support oversees three committees of students-at-large and current volunteers to help me with these tasks: Internal, Promotions and Events (in total 28 students). Together with the SPO, the Associate Peer Support outlines the long-term priorities and strategic direction of the centre to best position the service for future success.

Camilla Parpia

Health Promotions Coordinator

The USC Health Promotions Coordinator and Committee works to provide services and programmes to Western University students that address all aspects of health and wellness, including financial, physical, emotional, social, environmental, sexual, and spiritual wellness. The need for this portfolio is as a result of university culture, which may unfortunately lead to the deprioritization of students’ personal health. The vision for the Health Promotions team is to address this trend by contributing to a culture of self-care on campus through regular programming and events throughout the year. The Health Promotion team’s largest event, “Get Tested”, involves breaking the world record for number of STI tests administered in one location in 12 hours, where we’ve had upwards of 1150 people participate across campus. In addition, we participate in organizing events such as “Wellness Week”, where we strive to reinforce the notion that a student is much more than the grades they receive, that self-care is crucial to success, and that many mental health resources are available to them on campus and in London. Combining a variety of events and groups on campus, the committee works to run campaigns throughout the year promoting the importance and benefits of the prioritization of one’s health, and providing educational programming on topics relevant to students’ health.

Selina Phan

Food Support Coordinator

The USC Food support Services Coordinator works to reduce food insecurity on campus by providing access to nutritious food items for students, and aims to educate the campus on food and hunger-related issues. The Coordinator oversees a team of volunteers to help manage the food bank, run the food hamper service, and to organize education and advocacy events. This involves hiring, training, and supporting the volunteers, working with on-campus and external organizations, strengthening the network of food support services and resources available to students, and providing opportunities for student engagement, personal development, and leadership. The Coordinator is committed to Food Support Service’s vision of a campus where students, faculty, staff, and community members are able to: 1) access affordable and nutritious food, 2) develop an awareness about local and global issues of food insecurity affecting our communities, and 3) be a part of a supportive, inclusive, and healthy campus.


Declan Hodgins

Associate Vice-President Clubs

The USC Associate Clubs coordinates the USC Clubs System and ensures it runs effectively, and serves as a liaison between the clubs coordinators and the Student Programs Officer. Associate Clubs  oversees club policy and club support to aid in the facilitation of a cohesive strategy and a great student experience within the clubs system. The Associate Clubs also acts as an agent of the Clubs Governance Committee, and helps provide the committee with necessary information to come to a decision on issues. Finally, the position acts to resolve issues as they come up within the clubs system and work with student organizations support to apply club policies to individual circumstances.

Katherine Boyce

Clubs Policy Coordinator

The USC Club Support Coordinator asked manages administrative and financial components of the 200+ clubs under USC. Specific responsibilities include providing support for club event management, policy-making, and financial transparency. The Club Support Coordinator involves working with club executives and USC staff to ensure that all club members are supported and satisfied. The end-goal is to work towards creating a positive and supportive environment for the Western USC Clubs Community.

Manthan Dhruv

Clubs Support Coordinator

The USC Clubs Policy Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the development, review and enforcement of all policies related to the USC club’s community. The Clubs Policy Coordinator chairs the Clubs Governance and Clubs Policy Review committees, which work to foster a positive and supportive environment for the student leaders on Western’s campus involved in the club’s community. Further, for students wishing to enroll new clubs under the USC, the Clubs Policy Coordinator is responsible for working with the Clubs Governance Committee to bring students’ great ideas to life by ratifying new clubs each year. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Clubs Policy Coordinator for support regarding club policies, governance or new club ideas.


Connor Cozens

Associate Orientation


The USC Associate Orientation oversees, plans, and helps to execute Western Orientation Week as a USC representative. Associate Orientation also sits as a student-facing leader on the Orientation Operations Committee and acts as a co-chair for a Community of Practice working group to facilitate meetings and help advocate the requests of all of the stakeholders in the Orientation Program. They also oversee and assist the Soph Teams throughout all financial matters and act as a resource throughout all USC involvement including logistics and communication about the program.


Jacob Campbell

Associate Vice-President Programming


The USC Associate Programming supervises and supports seven USC committees with all budget, logistic, networking, and planning matters, and serves as a liaison between the Programming coordinators and the Student Programs Officer. The seven committees include: Enviro Western, Western Charity, Theatre Western, Public Arts, Charity Ball, the Income Tax Clinic, and the Early Outreach Conference. The Associate Programming also plays a direct role in the planning and execution of some large-scale USC events including, but not limited to, Remembrance Day.

Holly Dunne

EnviroWestern Coordinator

The USC EnviroWestern Coordinator’s primary responsibilities are to bring awareness of environmental issues to students, and inspiring action on campus. The EnviroWestern Coordinator organizes environmental awareness programming for students, staff and faculty, and residents of London to incent behavioural changes in our community. EnviroWestern’s Coordinator also acts as a liaison between the USC and the University’s Administration to tackle environmental issues at Western and reduce our environmental impact. EnviroWestern focuses on helping students make changes to make Western a greener place to go to school!

Karnig Kazazian

Early Outreach Coordinator

The USC Early Outreach Coordinator’s role is to spearhead the planning and organization process of the Early Outreach Conference, which welcomes over 200 “at risk” grade 7 and 8 youth from the London Community each May to Western. The coordinator oversees a team of 70 incredibly dedicated Western students who hope to help the next generation become inspired about post secondary education. The role draws upon programming, budgeting, and organization skills, which are all required to plan a conference of such magnitude. Additionally, this role requires you to reach out to campus and community partners, to build and sustain long term relationships which are required to make the conference a sustainable initiative.

Kieran Maingot

Charity Coordinator

The USC Charity Coordinator is responsible for leading a committee of undergraduate student leaders in connecting Western students to numerous deserving causes through initiatives organized internally and externally. Throughout the academic year, USC Charity organizes and executes many events including Haunted House, Children’s Holiday Party, Relay for Life and two social issues events. Moreover, the committee has taken the initiative to build a volunteer portal to connect individuals and groups to volunteering opportunities in the broader London community. By connecting students with local and global causes, these events aim to encourage contributions to positive change in the world around us.

Janice Noronha

Charity Ball Coordinator

Charity Ball is a long-standing, annual tradition at Western University that offers all students across campus an opportunity to gather for a night of fun, in support of an excellent cause. Charity Ball is Western’s largest formal event and acts to provide monetary aid and widespread awareness for an organization in the London Community. All proceeds from the event go towards funding the initiatives of the selected local nonprofit organization. The Charity Ball Coordinator works alongside an executive team, as well as USC, to brainstorm and execute a unique annual event.

Sophia Ge

Income Tax Coordinator

The USC Income Tax Coordinator plans Western’s annual Income Tax Clinic and other financial literacy events throughout the year. Through the Income Tax Clinic, extensive network, and detailed resources, the portfolio aims to be Western’s go-to resource for personal finances and income tax. To facilitate this, the Income Tax Coordinator works closely with their executive committee and hires a team of student volunteers to assist with the Income Tax Clinic. In addition, the portfolio maintains close partnerships with organizations such as CPA Western and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Sarah Bradshaw

Public Arts Coordinator

The USC Public Arts Coordinator strives to create a more vibrant, multi-dimensional and beautiful campus culture through deeper interaction between art and the environment. The Public Arts Coordinator helps to provide a platform for students in the Western community to express their spirit, values and artistry through the arts. The Public Arts Coordinator supports art-making of many kinds and welcomes young emerging artists, to participate in an array of art events that occur through the year. They oversee the planning of exhibits and events pertaining to visual arts, performance arts and any relatable art forms on the Western Campus including Nuit Violette and The Festival of the Arts.

Shona Casserly

Theatre Western Coordinator

The USC Theatre Western Coordinator selects and supports their executive team in selecting the best candidates for the creative teams for three productions. The Theatre Western Coordinator works closely with their director of finance to remain on budget, and with the promotional team to ensure events are being promoted to the right audiences, as well as getting maximum student exposure. The Theatre Western Coordinator facilitates and maintains external relationships with theatre companies in the greater London community to cross promote and broaden Theatre Western’s reach. After a production has a cast and creative team, the Theatre Western Coordinator focuses on giving support to the production’s executive members while acting in a supervisory role.