VP Student Support and Programming 2022/2023

Cameron Cawston

Exec 2022-23 Cameron (VP Student Support and Programming)



The VP Student Support and Programming is responsible for managing all of the student-run services and programs that contribute to your Western experience. They are your resource for all things student engagement as they work to support and inspire all students taking on their own leadership positions in the community.

For media inquiries, access to executive members schedules or meeting requests please contact:
Keemia Abbaszadeh, VP Communications and Public Affairs (communications@westernusc.ca)



Isabel Borisov

Coordinator, Orientation

The Orientation Coordinator works with the Orientation Operations Committee to plan and execute Western’s Orientation Week and Orientation Month activities. Working directly with the members on the Operations Committee, the Orientation Coordinator is involved in many aspects of the Orientation Program, including management of Orientation Staff; late night event planning, budgeting, execution, and marketing; and volunteer recruitment, selection, training, and recognition.

Sarah Fullerton

Administrative Intern, Orientation

The Administrative Intern is responsible for the projects as outlined below. The incumbent will review current Orientation Week practices, update policies and procedures, develop appropriate time lines and action plans according to the rhythm of the academic year. The Administrative Intern acts as an administrative support to the Orientation Coordinator and the Vice President Student Support and Programming. Due to the many partners they liaise with, and the secretarial assistance provided to members, the Intern acts in a neutral, non-partisan capacity. The Intern is an ex-officio member of Orientation Staff.

Victoria Daboin

Charity Orientation Commissioner

Under the direction of the Orientation Coordinator, the Charity Orientation Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the planning and execution of Western’s annual charity initiatives during Orientation Week.

Emily Kesteloot

Orientation Programming Intern

The Orientation Programming Intern focuses on designing the large scale programs that are part of Orientation Week. These programs include supporting the Orientation Coordinator in planning the opening and closing ceremonies, concerts and One Love. As well, working with the faculty soph teams to help coordinate their ideas and connect them to the resources available by USC Staff.

Sina Norouzi

Orientation Hiring and Training Intern

The Hiring and Training Intern works in collaboration with the Vice President Student Support and Programming, Orientation Coordinator, and Senior Manager of People and Development to ensure that our orientation hiring and training follow USC hiring best practices. The Hiring and Training Intern will help to support the logistics of scheduling soph interviews and supporting human resources best practices in the selection process. The Intern will also support the logistics of training, in respect to room booking, production functions that are needed and supporting the facilitators and the Orientation Coordinator in logistics support.

Peer Programs


Associate, Peer Programs

The AVP Peer Programs provides support to the Peer Programs files and their Coordinators. They support the Vice President Student Support & Programming with larger, multi-service projects and the promotion of the Peer Programs on campus. The AVP Peer Programs utilizes an intersectional lens when providing programming support, and prioritizes equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-oppression when working with marginalized communities on campus in affiliation with the VP Student Support & Programming and Peer Programs Coordinators.

Josephine Davey-Young

Coordinator, Pride USC

The Pride USC Coordinator facilitates programming and initiatives that promote the inclusivity and acceptance of all genders and sexualities amongst the student body. As well, the Coordinator develops a variety of campaigns and educational resources dispelling misunderstandings related to gender and sexuality. They work with the USC Executive to ensure the organization’s work is intersectional, inclusive, and equitable.

Shimmi Kelly

Coordinator, Gender Equality Network

The Gender Equality Network (GEN) Coordinator educates Western University’s campus on issues of gender equality and gender diversity by providing comprehensive and diverse educational programming through events, speaker series, conferences, and collaborative initiatives with various on-campus groups and community partners. Through an intersectional and feminist lens, GEN recognizes issues of gender equality and diversity as topical and relevant discussion for university campuses. GEN also makes active efforts to reach out to students of all genders to provide feminist resources in the community. The Coordinator liaises with other campus groups and organizations on campus and in London to create shared advocacy initiatives and programs to ensure that Western a welcoming and intersectional space for all.

Arshad Panchbhaya

Coordinator, Accessibility

The Accessibility Coordinator facilitates programming and initiatives that raise awareness about accessibility-related topics amongst the student body. The Coordinator develops a variety of campaigns and educational resources dispelling misunderstandings related to accessibility and disability. They work with the USC Executive to ensure the organization’s work is accessible, intersectional, inclusive, and equitable.

Sinéad Osivwemu

Coordinator, Ethnocultural Support Services

The Ethnocultural Support Services Coordinator promotes a culturally, ethnically, racially, and religiously inclusive campus community, in which students’ unique backgrounds are embraced and celebrated. The Coordinator does this work through the Services’ programming; by advocating on recommendations that have been endorsed by the USC Council and/or Executive; and by researching and collecting student voices on the issues concerning inclusivity on campus and in the London community.

Peer Support

Saara Vahtola

Associate, Peer Support

The AVP Peer Support manages and maintains the USC Peer Support Centre (PSC), including all its programs, services and operations, but not limited to: volunteer management, public education programming, and space management. They oversee all logistical aspects of the Center and work alongside other stakeholders in the program. The AVP Peer Support manages the Peer Programs Volunteer program: a division of Peer Support dedicated to supporting students with lived experience in mind. They also assist the Vice President Student Support & Programming in the implementation of intersectional wellness programming for the student body.

Jessica Zhang

Administrative Coordinator, Peer Support

The Peer Support Administrative Coordinator will assist the AVP Peer Support in volunteer management and administrative tasks such as: volunteer schedules, space bookings, volunteer event attendance, and more. They will build a working relationship with Peer Support volunteers and provide support on an asneed basis. They are also responsible for upkeep of the Peer Support Centre (PSC) and working to increase usage through feedback forms, data, and creative engagement with the space.


Raha Afkhami Nemati

Associate, Programming

The AVP Programming supports the development and implementation of all event-based programming in the programming portfolio. This includes supporting the Theatre USC, Charity, Early Outreach, Public Arts and Enviro USC Coordinators. The AVP Programming works with a variety of stakeholders throughout the USC and constantly works in a team environment.


Coordinator, Charity

The Charity Coordinator promotes volunteerism amongst the student body by maintaining relationships with local charitable organizations to recruit and promote opportunities for students; administering volunteer opportunities through the USC; executing fundraising initiatives; and facilitating charity events throughout the year.

Alexandra Hauser

Coordinator, Enviro USC

The Enviro USC Coordinator promotes sustainability amongst the student body and broader campus community through programming, campaigns, and initiatives. The Coordinator brings awareness to key environmental issues affecting the student body and/or campus community and empower the student body and campus community to make progressive, sustainable changes. Finally, the Coordinator works with the USC Executive and student groups on campus to ensure programming, policies, and operations are environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Tristyn Snow

Coordinator, Early Outreach

The Early Outreach Coordinator promotes post-secondary opportunities to youth in the London community to help them discover their passions and abilities. They act as the Program Director for the USC’s Early Outreach Leadership Conference — a weekend-long conference on both the Western and Fanshawe campuses aimed at students for whom structural barriers may make post-secondary education inaccessible. The Coordinator establishes professional relationships with campus and community partners; assists in the selection and training of student volunteers; and executes all programming and initiatives.

Bilquees "Billie" Hafeez

Coordinator, Public Arts

The USC Public Arts Coordinator strives to create a more vibrant, multi-dimensional and beautiful campus culture through deeper interaction between art and the environment. The Public Arts Coordinator helps to provide a platform for students in the Western community to express their spirit, values and artistry through the arts. The Public Arts Coordinator supports art-making of many kinds and welcomes young emerging artists, to participate in an array of art events that occur through the year. They oversee the planning of exhibits and events pertaining to visual arts, performance arts and any relatable art forms on the Western Campus including Nuit Violette and The Festival of the Arts.


Coordinator, Theatre USC

The Theatre USC Coordinator facilitates the USC’s annual theatre production; a festival of student-written short plays; and annual music production. They play a role in all aspects of the execution of these events, including but not limited to project management; the coordination and recruitment of cast and crew; and prop, set, and costume design. The Coordinator also executes professional development opportunities such as workshops for budding performers on campus

Student Events

Nika Bajaj

Associate, Student Events

The AVP Student Events supports the Vice President Student Support & Programming in the development and implementation of all event-based programming in the portfolio. This includes brainstorming event ideas based on student feedback, budgeting, and organizing event logistics. The AVP Student Events works with a variety of stakeholders throughout the organization and on campus, and constantly works in a team environment.
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