Clubs Governance Committee

The Clubs Governance Committee governs the clubs’ community on campus by enforcing and overseeing policies and procedures to ensure fairness in the clubs’ culture. 


CGC’s mandate is to

1. Create a community that supports leadership development among students and welcome the wide range of interests within the Clubs Community,

2. Adhere to all the documents of the Clubs Policy to determine reasonable limits placed on student organizations in order to comply with USC policy as well as University policy, including hearings and sanctions, and

3. Set strategic, long-term goals for the Clubs Community for future growth and development of clubs and their student leaders, including the ratification of new clubs.

Meeting Minutes

Committee Members

Voting Members

Neha Gulati, Clubs Policy Coordinator (Chair)

2019-2020 Committee Members:
Faran Khalid
Kevin Lee
Raf Adecassis
Ronit Sharma
Samantha Khaouli
Shehryar Aamir
Xinyu Zhao

Non-Voting Members

Noa Rapaport, Associate Clubs (Non-voting Member)
Declan Hodgins, USC Secretary Treasurer (Non-voting Member)
Nareesa Karmali, Clubs Operations Coordinator (Non-voting Member)
Ayma Aqib, Clubs Finance Coordinator (Non-voting Member)
Jack Stebbing, Associate Governance (Non-voting Member)
Shari McIntyre, Student Organizations Advisor (Non-voting Member)

Past Decisions

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