Board of Directors

USC encompasses a corporate side, with oversight by a student Board of Directors

About us

What we do

The Board focuses in on the business side of the USC and each year, they approve the Council’s budget and assess any financial risks or opportunities. Other important tasks in their job description include developing strategic plans to assist the USC in fulfilling their obligations to undergraduate students, as well as participating in the development of the USC’s organizational plan and annual review.



Board Members 2021-22

BOD - Rahul Sapra-circle

Rahul Sapra


Pensee Liang (BOD)

Pensee Liang

Vice Chair

Zamir Fakirani

Zamir Fakirani

USC President

BOD - Kenisha Arora-circle

Kenisha Arora


BOD - Claire Balas-circle

Claire Balas


BOD - Iman Berry-circle

Iman Berry


BOD - Chris Harasym-circle

Chris Harasym


Matt Parking (BOD)

Matthew Parkin


Vishal Vijay (BOD)

Vishal Vijay


Board of Directors Meetings 2021-22

Meeting Agenda Minutes
1st - March 15, 2021 Agenda Minutes
2nd - March 31, 2021 Agenda Minutes
3rd - May 31, 2021 Agenda Minutes
4th - June 24, 2021 Agenda Minutes
5th - August 15, 2021 Agenda Minutes
6th - October 21, 2021 Agenda Minutes
7th - December 2, 2021 Agenda Minutes
8th - February 3, 2022 Agenda Minutes
9th - March 9, 2022 Agenda Minutes
10th - April 7, 2022 Agenda Minutes
11th - April 19, 2022 Agenda Minutes
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