Poster Patrol

The University Students’ Council is responsible for monitoring the posting of notices on UWO main campus poster boards. All posters must be approved, registered, and stamped.

Poster Patrol


We will only accept digital files in the following formats: PDF, high-resolution TIFF, JPEG, or PNG. Printing costs are in addition to weeks purchased.


  • Payment is required before submitted jobs are printed. All prices include HST.
  • All posters must be printed by USC Promotions. No exceptions.
  • Poster Patrol handles all distribution which happens every Tuesday.
  • Posters are printed on regular (20lb) paper.
  • Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks posting time before your expiration date.
  • If we do not receive your order by the Tuesday before your start date, we cannot guarantee distribution on your start date.
  • Special requests (cardstock, longer pay period, etc.) can be sent to

Poster Stamp Fee Schedule


8.5×11 B&W $ 4.18
8.5×11 Colour $14.35
11×17 B&W $ 6.55
11×17 Colour $27.91


Western Students/Departments,USC
(2 weeks)
Western Students/Departments,USC
(4 weeks)
Non-profit / Non-commercial
(2 weeks)
Non-profit / Non-commercial
(4 weeks)
Commercial Rate
(1 week)
Commercial Rate
(2 weeks)
Commercial Rate
(4 weeks)

Location of Boards

The following locations are the ONLY places upon which notices may be posted. All other boards are designated for departmental use only. Locations and availability are subject to change.

Social Science By Map Library
In Tunnel to UCC
Dental Building By Room 1000
Natural Sciences Outside Library
By Rooms 9, 19, 24, 113
Biology / Geology By Rooms 13, 22
Physics Building Inside S/W Doors
By Rooms 3, 138
Middlesex College Lower Level Hallway
By Room 27b
Talbot College By Room 141
University College Lower Level Hallway (x3)
Sommerville House Main Hallway
Engineering By Rooms 37, 41, 1074, 1082
In Student Lounge / Cafeteria
Labatt Health Sciences By Tim Hortons
UCC Glass Cases

Poster Regulations

ALL Notices must meet these criteria
University Student’s Council is responsible for monitoring the posting of notices on Western main campus poster boards. All posters must be approved and stamped. This service is available at USC Promotions – Print Production, Room 265, UCC, and provides 30 posters to be distributed across campus.

Criteria for Acceptable Posting

The USC follows the principles as laid out in the Western Board of Governors’ policies. Pursuant to these policies, USC Promotions has developed a set of guidelines defining the acceptable use of the Poster Patrol Stamp. Any policy inquiries should be directed to the USC Promotions Manager.

  • Notices for the same event may not be posted closer than two (2) metres apart on the strips and no more than one (1) per board on notice boards.
  • Boards are monitored and posters will be removed automatically upon expiry.
  • No message likely to be deemed offensive by the campus community will be permitted. This decision is at the discretion of the Manager, USC Promotions, and Oversight Committee. No alcohol references (beer bottles, wine glasses, etc.), no tobacco and drug references, and no suggestive and inappropriate comments or messages.
  • Notices must be posted only on the boards listed below and must not be affixed to or cover any other notice. Notices affixed onto pillars, concrete walls, hallway walls and other areas not designated to accommodate postings will be removed. This includes the practice of leaving handout flyers in areas throughout the UCC.
  • Available boards will be reduced twice yearly for USC Election purposes for a three (3) week period during January and/or February. No posting of notices will be allowed on boards. Any existing notices removed from the election boards will be replaced following the election if the stamp has not expired.
  • There are a number of glass display cases throughout the UCC Building. A maximum of five (5) posters per event will be placed in these cases. Specific poster locations will be based on a first come, first served basis.
  • Campus poster boards and UCC display cases are monitored. Notices shall be posted as space becomes available. Priority is established on a “first come, first posted”  basis for all boards.
  • The proper procedures must be adhered to, and in the event that discrepancies are noted, the individual(s), clubs, fraternity, etc. will be notified and the posting privilege revoked.
  • All postings must clearly identify department/student group/club, etc. This information should appear prominently.
  • Non-English posters must have English translation for the event/date/location and group.
  • Distribution and printing of all posters is handled by USC Promotions, and occurs every Tuesday and Thursday.

Any violation of these regulations will result in one or more of the following sanctions being applied:

  1. All notices will be removed from the campus.
  2. All privileges regarding posting of notices and use of University space may be withdrawn, or special conditions may be placed on future purchases of the poster stamp and/or distribution of posters.
  3. Trespassing charges may be laid by Western University.

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