Health Plan

Each student on Western’s campus is offered a health plan through the USC, which is directly overseen by your elected representatives.


What we do

A portion of your student fees contributes to this coverage, which is specifically designed to supplement provincial health care and meet students’ needs. The Campus Trust develops the insurance plan, which includes health, dental, and travel benefits so you can focus on being a student and leave the stress of health coverage to us.


If you have questions or concerns, you may contact the USC’s Plan Administrator at

FACETIME NOW AVAILABLE!  Please contact your on campus plan administrator at:  to FaceTime your inquiries.

Student Benefits Website

To register for your account, find out more about the plan, or opt out….

Opting out

Students who are covered under an equivalent extended benefit health care plan (in addition to your standard provincial coverage) may choose to “opt-out” of the USC plan. This typically applies to students who have previous and continuing health insurance coverage provided by a parent or guardian. If you choose to opt-out, the fee will be reimbursed and credited to your online Western student services account.

NOTE: The dates and link to opt out are coming soon!.
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