Teaching Awards

The University of Western Ontario’s Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching is co-presented by The University Student’s Council and UWO Alumni Association, to recognize, celebrate and award excellence in undergraduate teaching.

Nominate a professor

Each year four award recipients are selected by the USC Teaching Excellence Awards Committee comprised of the USC VP, USC Recognition and Awards Coordinator, USC Council members, student-at-large members, and Alumni members. The objectives of the Teaching Awards program are:

  1. To provide support and recognition for the innovative teaching methods and techniques demonstrated by Western’s finest faculty members
  2. To further the quality of education that is provided for all students at Western
  3. To involve members of our corporate and alumni community in the promotion of excellence in teaching


2018/2019 Recipients

Mark Robert Baker Physics and Astronomy, OUSA Teaching Award
Philip King DAN Management and Organizational Studies
Scott Loveland Business Foundations
Nigmendra Narain Political Science

During nomination periods, students can access an online form to nominate their professor. Students must be taking the specified course at the time of nomination.



What is the USC Teaching Award?
This award recognizes 4 faculty members each year. Nominations for this award are accepted from the student body only. 16 nominees are evaluated each year by the Teaching Awards Committee. This award is awarded at the USC Award Ceremony in March.

For more information on the USC Teaching Awards program please contact the Recognition and Awards Coordinator at recognition-and-awards@westernusc.ca.

Previous Recipients

2017/2018 Recipients

Dr. Ayman M. El Ansary Engineering
Dr. Keith Griffiths Chemistry
Amy Horton Nursing
Dr. Roberto Solis-Oba Computer Science
Dr. Tarek Loubani Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, OUSA Teaching Award

2016/2017 Recipients

Aiham Adawi Engineering
Anton Allahar Sociology
Raza Khan Business
Sarah McLean Physiology, OUSA Teaching Award

2015/2016 Recipients

Sarah Ross DAN Management and Organizational Studies
Quazi Rahman Engineering
Aaron Sigut Astronomy
Nicholas Kahnert Economics

2014/2015 Recipients

Felix Lee Chemistry
Mark Workentin Chemistry
Laurence Garber English and Writing Studies, Arts and Humanities
Sebastien Ruffo & Mario Longtin French

2013/2014 Recipients

Jenna Butler Computer Science PhD Candidate
Peter Ferguson Political Science
Tom Haffie Biology
Quazi Rahman Engineering

2012/2013 Recipients

Mitsume Fukui Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Jennifer Irwin Faculty of Health Sciences
M.J. Kidnie Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Anita Woods Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry

2011/2012 Recipients

Julie Gosse Richard Ivey School of Business
Eli Gladstone Richard Ivey School of Business
Sean Burkett Richard Ivey School of Business
Lars Konermann Science

2010/2011 Recipients

Henry Meredith Music
Derek McLachlin Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Felix Lee Science
Mark Lee Social Science

2009/2010 Recipients

Robert Hudson Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ben Lester Economics
Jan Minac Mathematics
Aleksandra Zecevic Health Sciences

2008/2009 Recipients

William Colby Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Peter Ferguson Political Science
Charles Jones Political Science
Carolyn McLeaod Philosophy

2007/2008 Recipients

Jill Ball Music
Neil Bradford Political Science, Huron University College
Stephen Pitel Law
Rob Wardhaugh History

2006/2007 Recipients

Radoslav Dimitrov Political Science
Douglas Leighton History, Huron University College
Patrick Whippey Physics & Astronomy
Tim Wilson Bachelor of Health Sciences Program

2005/2006 Recipients

Randal Graham Law
Chuck Levine Sociology
Daniel Munro Political Science, Huron University College
Tutis Vilis Physiology & Pharmacology

2004/2005 Recipients

Craig Simpson History
Melvyn Usselman Chemistry
Jennifer Irwin Health Science
Kim Verwaayen Women’s Studies

2003/2004 Recipients

Joanna Quinn Political Science
Roland Haines Chemistry
Denis Shackel Business
Graham Smith Geography

2002/2003 Recipients

Anton Allahar Sociology
Garry Lapenskie Kinesiology
Bruce Morrison Political Science
Maureen Smith Education

2001/2002 Recipients

James Erskine Business
Marjorie Johnson Kinesiology
Christopher Keep English
Mark Workentin Chemistry

2000/2001 Recipients

Alison Lee English
Alexandra Hurst Business
Laura Melnyk Gribble Psychology
Mary Gillett Ivey Business School

1999/2000 Recipients

Alison Conway English
Shannon Gadowsky Human Ecology, Brescia College
Ian Kerr Law & Information and Media Studies
Tom Stavraky Physiology

1998/1999 Recipients

Sonia Halpern Centre for Women’s Studies and Feminist Research
Mitchell Mcinnes Law
David Stanford Statistical & Actuarial Sciences
Jerry White Sociology

1997/1998 Recipients

Dean Gailey Science
Robert Hawkins Law
Don Morrow Health Sciences
Mark Workentin Science

1996/1997 Recipients

Jan MINAC Mathematics
Michael Lusztig Political Science
Andres Perez Political Science
Peter Poole Applied Mathematics

1995/1996 Recipients

Anton Allahar Sociology
Mike Atkinson Psychology
Dino Bidinosti Chemistry
Bud Johnston Business


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