Vice-President 2017/18

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Vice President

Danny Chang

First and foremost, your Vice President is here to advocate for you. They build relationships with those in the Western and London community in order to successfully communicate your concerns and ideas both on and off campus. They also work alongside the President to provide support and ensure a cohesive message.




Associate Vice-President External:
Inam Teja       

Associate Vice-President Student Experience:
Noor Shakfa      

Associate Vice-President Academics:
Catherine Dunne     




Recognition and Awards Program Coordinator
Tammy Lau
The Recognition and Awards Program Coordinatoris responsible for the administration, organization and promotion of student awards, as well as the selections process. She works with other campus stakeholders to host an annual awards ceremony. In addition to this, she is responsible for recognizing student achievement throughout the entire academic year and facilitating student oriented campaigns.

Advocacy Team Coordinator
Scott Wilson
The Student Appeals Support Centre Coordinator is responsible for the management and support of The Student Appeals Support Centre (SASC). The SASC exists to enhance and help deliver a better education experience by providing confidential assistance and representation for undergraduate students facing an academic conflict with the university.

In order to promote the interests of students to the upper levels of government, the USC belongs to the Ontario Undergraduate Students Alliance (OUSA). The Vice-President is our representative with that group.

  • OUSA strives to unite Ontario’s full and part-time undergraduate students to lobby for better student aid, fair tuition fees, greater university accountability and more government funding for universities. OUSA provides research and ideas to governments and the public on how to improve the quality and accessibility of post-secondary education in Ontario.

Documents relating to External Representation

OUSA Review 2010

  • A review of the USC’s membership in the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance from the Council year 2009/10.

CASA Review 2013

  • A review of the USC’s membership in the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations from the Council year 2012/13.

OUSA Review 2014

  • A review of the USC’s membership in the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance from the Council year 2013/14.

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