Provincial and Federal Affairs

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Municipal Priorities:

Bus Rapid Transit

The USC remains determined to create a more effective system of London transportation for students with the Bus Rapid Transit system. This system creates an easy and more efficient means of transportation for students to reach central and remote parts of London. Learn more here.

Student Housing (Break-Ins)

Off-campus housing remains a priority for the USC in 2017-2018 as concerns have evolved over summer months regarding break-ins in the London student area. The USC remains committed to keeping off-campus student’s homes safe year-round even as this uptick in crime has brought concerns to our representatives. In communication with the London Police Service, the USC will be launching a campaign devoted to informing and educating off-campus students about the risks of keeping doors and windows unlocked.


Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA):

In 2017, OUSA remains the most effective way to encourage and implement provincial priorities in and around Ontario universities. As a member of OUSA, Western represents one of the largest undergraduate populations in Ontario, and remains an influential and important member of the alliance. Landon Tulk, the Vice-President Finance of OUSA and the USC’s Vice-President this school year maintains an important representative role on OUSA council in 2017-2018. Landon actively brings Western students’ priorities to the provincial government through OUSA. In 2017-2018, promoting OUSA initiatives on campus remains a priority for the USC team as we look forward to opportunities to get our campus involved. These opportunities include Local Advocacy Week at Western, the two OUSA general assemblies and other inspiring opportunities for Western students to get involved. You can read about OUSA policy and the provincial priorities. (create a link to policy paper part of website).

This year, our six provincial OUSA priorities include…

  1. Re-evaluating the ‘system design’ of mental health in Ontario – looking at what’s working and what’s not working for students.
  2. Ensuring greater post-secondary data collection is occurring and being published for everyone to have access to.
  3. Increased supports for students dealing with campus sexual violence prevention & response.
  4. Providing recommendations for keeping tuition affordable.
  5. Increased support for student experiential learning opportunities (i.e. internships, research projects).
  6. Expansion & increased awareness for affordable, quality Open Educational Resources in Ontario.


The USC is a member of a federal coalition of some of the largest universities in Canada. Collectively, we come together and decide our annual priorities and advocate to the federal government. This year, our priorities will include:

  • Canadian Student Loans Program
  • Indigenous Student Supports
  • International Student Supports
  • Undergraduate Research Funding Opportunities