Your Students’ Council and Western University work together to oversee Orientation Week at Western! The “Orientation Pass Fee” included on your fee bill is your ticket to all the O-Week activities. These activities include access to concerts, games and other events on campus, and are made possible in part through this fee.
For almost all incoming students, the $119.74 (plus HST) OPass fee is automatically included in your tuition. For those who do not have the OPass automatically added to their accounts, you may still eligible to attend OWeek. We will be sending you an email mid-August with information on where/when/how you can opt-in.
If you are a first-year / new-to-Western student, and do not wish to participate in Orientation Week, you can choose to opt-out of the fee.
Affiliate College Students are able to opt-out between July 2nd and August 17th
For information about Orientation Week, including the schedule of events, please visit the O-Week site at


Orientation Week

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