EnviroWestern is a USC student service that seeks to promote environmental sustainability at Western. Our mission is to make Western a more environmentally sustainable campus by leading events and initiatives to enhance student awareness of environmental issues on campus, incent student behavior change and provide a network for students to address their environmental concerns on campus and in the community. At EnviroWestern, we believe that students can make a positive and significant impact to the environment at Western and in the community. To do this, join EnviroWestern and help make a positive impact on campus! Our project teams include:

Gardening: Our goal to provide students the opportunity to learn the importance of food sustainability and how to grow your own food.  We have an amazing greenhouse that grows fresh organic vegetables year round, and an outdoor garden that will showcase food sustainability on campus.

Green Tours: Western has many green buildings around campus that have received LEED certification. We offer tours provided by EnviroWestern trained volunteers to learn about all of the green buildings around campus and how western is becoming a leader in sustainability.

Food: We organize events and initiatives that focus on food sustainability, fair trade and food waste. Additionally, we host an annual Food for Thought Gala which is a sit down meal event that provides an educational component on food sustainability.

Residence Outreach: We focus on promoting EnviroWestern campaigns and initiatives in residence and off campus. The project team consists of first year representatives that help spread awareness and organize events in residence.

Reusability: Our goal is to incent behavior change among western students to reuse products in order to limit the waste on campus. Our large event is Refill to Win, which gives students the chance to win prizes for bringing a reusable mug to school – an environmental spin on the classic Roll up The Rim campaign.

Waste: We focus on promoting and incenting students to reduce the waste on campus. This includes organizing events such as the annual clothing swamp to initiatives that target reducing food waste on campus.

Water: Our aim is to promote awareness regarding water sustainability by creating educational campaigns on the environmental impacts of consuming bottled water and organizing events such as Western’s World Water Week.


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