Clubs Transition

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The following section provides you with the relevant information about transitioning your club. We have divided the information based on what is required as well as recommended steps to effectively transition your club for next year.

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Transition Form

Due: April 30, 3PM

All clubs are required to complete the online Club Transition Form by April 30 by 3PM. The Chief Returning Officer (CRO) should complete this Form with the assistance of the outgoing and incoming President. We only require that you provide the USC with the information of your incoming President, Vice-President Finance, Vice-President Communications, and Vice-President Events or equivalent. This is the ONLY requirement for outgoing Executive Members.

Please Note: Failure to complete the Club Transition Form may result in your club not participating in Clubs Week in September.

Visit Western Link to complete the Club Transition Form

Clubs Training

The incoming President, Vice-President Events, and Vice-President Finance (or equivalent positions on your club’s Constitution) are required to attend the MANDATORY Clubs Training. Clubs who fail to have all three members present at this training will not be authorized to run any events during the first semester and attend Clubs Week One.

Transition Recommendations

The following section has been developed to help both your outgoing and incoming Executive Committee to successfully transition your club for a successful year ahead.

Contact Information of Outgoing Executive

It is strongly recommended that outgoing Executive Members leave their contact information with the new executive team. It is also important to note that UWO email accounts expire not long after you graduate.

Digital Assets

Clubs develop a significant amount of digital content over the years and it is important to pass that along to your new incoming Executive Members. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Financial Documents (e.g. budgets, income statements etc.)
  • Past promotion and advertising design files
  • Website Files
  • Event Proposals and Planning documents
  • Club Constitution
  • Logo files
  • Template Documents (e.g. fundraising templates, proposal templates, email templates etc.)
  • Email Accounts
  • Domain Name Details (e.g. where the club domain was purchased)
  • Website Hosting Details (e.g. who is hosting the club website)
  • Passwords to any website subscriptions (e.g. Google Docs)
  • T-Shirt Design files

Physical Assets

Clubs gather lots of belongings over the years and although some clubs have lockers, others do not. As a result, it is important that you pass along your club’s belongings to your incoming Executive. Clubs that do have a locker should inform the incoming President of its location and contents. Below is a list of common belongings that clubs often have:

  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Cash boxes
  • Receipts
  • Clubs Week promotion materials
  • T-Shirts
  • Flyers

Important Contact

Clubs develop many important contacts that can be imperative to the success of your club and should be passed along to the incoming Executive. This can include but not limited to:

  • Sponsors
  • Venue Contacts used for events
  • External Affiliations Contacts (e.g. charities)
  • Volunteers

Timeline of the Year

Your club may have run lots of events throughout the year. To ensure that the incoming Executive knows when to start planning and when your events were held, it is recommended that you provide a timeline of your year as an Executive.

Staple Events Details

Most clubs have annual staple events that have become a tradition for the club. It is important that the outgoing Executive briefs the incoming Executive as to how to properly run these events and provide any relevant materials and information.

Financial Information

Most clubs typically end the year with a budget surplus and a positive balance in their USC Account, while some have a debt with the USC. In either situation, it is essential that the outgoing Executive provide the incoming Vice-President Finance with the club’s balance and other information about the club’s finances.

The outgoing Executive should get a printout of the club’s transaction ledger for the year to provide to the incoming VP Finance at the USC Finance Office (located in the main office). It is important to note that a negative balance on the USC ledger is a positive number for your club (this is money the USC owes your club).

Please note: Only Executive Members with Signing Authority can request any information from the USC Finance Office.

Below are typical financial records clubs should pass along to the incoming Executive:

  • Yearly budget (submitted on October 15)
  • Income Statements
  • Receipts
  • Receipt Books
  • Club Financial Ledger (from USC Finance Office)
  • Audit Information
  • Current Account Balance (i.e. how much money your club has)

If you have any questions about your club’s financial information, feel free to contact the USC Finance Office at

Final Reports

A short final report put together by the outgoing President is a great way to ensure the future success of your club. This report can include all the information suggested above in addition to the following:

  • What went well, and what went wrong
  • Recommendations
  • Tactical vision
  • Key statistics (i.e. how members did your club have)

Other Questions?

If you have any further questions regarding your club’s transition, feel free to contact the Compliance Coordinator, Robin Kirk at or the Associate Clubs at


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