The University Students’ Council at Western University is proud to release this year’s Charity Ball Recipient application.  Charity Ball is an annual formal event that focuses on giving back to charities in the local London community.  Each year, a committee of Western Students work in conjunction with the selected charity to plan the largest campus formal of the school year.  We are looking to support an organization with strong, clear goals that make use of the donation to positively affect their beneficiaries.


Enter a creative idea for a theme that will represent this year’s Charity Ball.
This year, we are offering a new opportunity to engage with the event by leaving it to students to choose the theme! Up to 5 themes will be chosen for a campus wide vote!



We invite Grade 8 students to join us for a weekend-long conference, where they will be provided with necessary tools and resources to guide them in making an educated decision about their future. Our conference believes in laying the groundwork for students so that they can set long-term goals for themselves.

The Early Outreach Conference (REACH) is an annual USC initiative intended to introduce approximately 250 at-risk, low-income youth in London and the broader community to post-secondary education opportunities. This program recognizes that many students begin thinking about their future at an early age, and serves to provide adolescents with the guidance, information, and tools necessary to support them in their decision-making process. Western collaborates with the City of London, Middlesex County, Thames Valley District School Board, and London District Catholic School Board, as well as various non-profit community organizations to identify students who may believe post-secondary education is beyond their scope, and who would likely benefit from participation in the Early Outreach program.

Throughout the Conference, Delegates (grade 7 and 8 students) take part in a variety of activities, including mock lectures from professors, motivational guest speakers, team building initiatives, introspective workshops covering subjects such as allyship, self-esteem, and goal setting, as well as a financial planning seminar, community involvement fair, and many social events. Students also have the opportunity to tour both Western University and Fanshawe College campuses, and are provided with overnight accommodation at Ontario Hall Residence.

By offering such broad insight into the benefits of post-secondary education, we hope to foster personal growth and capacity building among all Delegates. We continually strive to cultivate a transformative experience through which students can explore their passions, challenge limiting beliefs, and realize their potential in an inclusive and supportive environment.

This year’s Conference runs Friday, May 11th to Sunday, May 13th.

For more information on how you can get involved, please contact

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Middlesex County Students

City of London Students


Join our Team:
Are you a Western student and want to be part of the Early Outreach Conference?
Leadership Developers (LDs) work in pairs to serve as mentors for small groups of grade 7 and 8 students (Delegates) throughout the conference. LDs are responsible for providing appropriate guidance and support to their students —serving as role models who exemplify enthusiasm and integrity, encourage participation in workshops and activities, and who foster personal growth and capacity building among Delegates. We are committed to positively impacting conference attendees, and strive to cultivate a transformative experience through which Delegates can explore their passions, challenge limiting beliefs, and realize their potential in an inclusive and supportive environment.

(Sorry, LD applications have closed for the year. Check back early in 2019 for another changes to take part.)

Conference Info:
This year’s conference will be taking place from Friday, May 11th to Sunday, May 13th and requires the participation of approximately 50 LDs.
If you have any questions about the Early Outreach Conference, the LD role, or the application process, please email our Leadership Developer Directors (LDDs) Karnig Kazazian, Brenna Kelly, and Melania Abbas-Ng at

Overall mission:

The USC Income Tax portfolio emphasizes personal finance services and education for students, by students.

How you accomplish:

Currently, there is no official service or initiative to help students on campus with matters related to personal finance services and education. The Income Tax portfolio aims to create the first movement towards on-campus financial literacy initiatives, and ultimately become the go-to institution for students seeking persona finance services and education. Through strong corporate partnerships and phenomenal faculty and campus-wide support, the Income Tax will be a campus-wise initiative beyond just the annual Tax Clinic. It is imperative to us that the student voice and needs be met. Continuous engagement with the student population is at the core of our plans. This will continuously be seen through the development of additional initiatives and projects that will provide students with services and resources about a wide array of topics, in a multitude of accessible forms.

Engage students on campus:

The Income Tax portfolio develops strong ties with the diverse student population on campus. Our principle resource is the free clinic offered each year during March that allows students and people in the London community with free taxation services. Income Tax also provides unique student development opportunities in the ways that the students on committee can practice their skills of event organization. In addition, we typically hire around 100 student volunteers that serve as tax analysts during the clinic. This provides ambitious students interested in accounting and personal finance the premiere opportunity to take part in real-life taxation services and handle clients. Not only is collaboration important with the committee members and volunteer analysts, we actively hold partnerships with numerous other organizations and clubs on campus, and in the Ontario community. The inter-disciplinary student collaboration is unique to only the Income Tax portfolio, as we have many groups of students all working in one space, towards one vision.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Income Tax Coordinator at

Become an advocate for all things arts and ensure that the Western campus is a bustling place for students’ creative talents to shine and flourish. In this role, you will have the opportunity to plan and execute some of Western’s biggest artistic events such as Nuit Violette and Reverie Festival. As Creative Director of these initiatives, you will work directly with the Programming Associate to develop programming and promotional material for each event.

Charity Commitee

The USC Charity Committee is composed of a passionate and dedicated group of individuals that are responsible for planning and executing 4 charity events throughout the academic year, including the Haunted House, Children’s Holiday Party, Dine in the Dark and Relay for Life.

Haunted House
The Haunted House is a spooky, 3-day event held in the Mustang Lounge in October. Financial and non-perishable food item donations will be in support of Food Support Services.

Ways to Get Involved:
The Haunted House has volunteers every year who help with the set up & take-down of the house, orchestrate the makeup & costumes, and/or perform as actors. In addition, anybody is welcome to walk through the Haunted House — but be prepared to get scared!


Children’s Holiday Party
Children’s Holiday Party is held in December, and provides foster children and their families from the Care Provider’s Association of London & Middlesex with a fun-filled day of food, gifts and festive-themed activities to celebrate the holiday season. Volunteers are paired up with a child to spend the day with them, make crafts, play games and have fun!

Ways to Get Involved:
The Children’s Holiday Party has volunteers sign-up every year to be paired with a child or a group of children for the whole event, and spend the day with them making crafts & playing games. Volunteers are there to have fun, but are also there to ensure that the children and their families are enjoying this festive-filled day.


Dine in the Dark
Dine in the Dark is an event held every January that provides a unique culinary experience. There will be a gourmet, 3-course meal with live musical entertainment that will all be experienced in complete darkness! The event is to provide participants with an understanding of what it is like to be visually impaired and explore sensory experiences. All proceeds will go to the DeafBlind Ontario Services, which provide independent living support, assisted living opportunities and interpreter assistance to adults who are congenitally deaf and blind.

Ways to Get Involved:
Dine in the Dark requires between 5-10 volunteers to lend a helping hand throughout the night, such as leading people to and from their seats with their blindfolds on and helping those who cannot find their way around the venue. Additionally, anybody is welcome to attend the event as a participant — look out for ticket sales closer to the date of the event!


Relay for Life
Relay for Life an inspirational, non-competitive 12-hour overnight fundraising event held in mid-March. It brings you and your community together to celebrate life and fight cancer. It has a festival-like atmosphere, and teams of 10-15 people fund raise and enjoy in the many fun activities, live music, food and entertainment throughout the night. Proceeds will go towards the Canadian Cancer Society, more specifically towards life-saving cancer research, advocacy and services and support for those faced with cancer.

Ways to Get Involved:
Relay for Life is our biggest event and requires a lot of volunteers to help oversee the night. Volunteers help with the set-up and take-down of the event, conduct activities throughout the night, manage registration and much more. Of course, students are welcome to make teams with their friends and attend the event as a participant. Relay is especially great for Residence Floor bonding, as it is one of the last major events before exam season!

Throughout the year, we will be hosting several volunteer excursions to charities & organizations outside of Western’s campus. We hope to perform acts of kindness around the London community and show our dedication to helping others beyond UWO. We welcome any prospective ideas about where to dedicate our time and volunteer efforts.

The USC Charity Committee has many portfolios dedicated to maintaining relationships both on campus and beyond. Our Sponsorship, Promotions and Media Coordinators are dedicated to spreading the word about our initiatives, obtaining sponsors for all of our events and creating amazing posters, logos and videos to showcase our efforts.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate with any of the communications portfolios, please do not hesitate to contact us.

USC Charity Coordinator: