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This film is completely worth seeing. Someone recently said it was as if a deer made a movie about human interaction, unable to comprehend what it is to be a human being. It is hilarious.

It is also funny how many people actually see this as a real movie, and take the acting, story, and dialogue seriously. It’s a sad testament to the state of intelligence of some, but that doesn’t detract from the movies awful redemption.

There was no way this was made as a ‘black comedy’ on purpose. The ineptness present in ALL aspects of the film could only come about through an attempt to put Tommy’s own high-school angsty experiences (probably) on tape. When the reviews trashed the movie, he pulled a Paul Ruebens “I meant to do that”. The denial of the films obvious serious beginnings add even more hilarity.

The only way to see this movie is with an audience and equipped with plastic spoons….

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