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Thank You for Your Service

Playing: November 10 - 16

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During his time as an American soldier in Iraq, Adam Schumann (Miles Teller) proves to have a talent for knowing when a bomb is being hidden by the enemy and is later awarded medals for his heroism. Although he loves his job, when his tour ends, he’s happy to be home with his wife (Haley Bennett) and children.

However, it soon becomes clear that he’s having a hard time with what he experienced and what he witnessed during his time in active duty, as are his fellow soldiers.

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by David Finkel.

Content Advisories:

COARSE LANGUAGEGORY SCENESDISTURBING CONTENTOccasional gory/grotesque imagesCoarse languageSlursSexual referencesInfrequent strong aggressive coarse languageNon-sexual nudity with no close-upsIllustrated or verbal references to drugs, alcohol or tobaccoCrude contentOccasional upsetting or disturbing scenesEmbracing and kissingMild sexual innuendoImplied sexual activityTobacco useRestrained portrayals of non-graphic violence