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Playing: November 17 - 23

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07:00 pm (ends at 09:25 pm)

09:40 pm (ends at 12:05 am)






Every 27 years, an ancient shape-shifting predator (Bill Skarsgård) emerges from the sewers to feed on innocent children by preying on their deepest fears in the town of Derry, Maine.

A group of seven children, who are considered misfits, form a group called the “Losers Club.” They soon realize that they’ve all had encounters with a demonic entity that appears in various forms, but primarily in the shape of a clown named Pennywise.

Not knowing what to call the entity, they refer to it as “It” and believe It is responsible for the recent murders of a number of children in their town.

Based on the novel by Stephen King.

Content Advisories:

COARSE LANGUAGEGORY SCENESDISTURBING CONTENTGRAPHIC VIOLENCEDetailed gory/grotesque imagesCoarse languageSlursSexual referencesInfrequent strong aggressive coarse languageIllustrated or verbal references to drugs, alcohol or tobaccoCrude contentFrequent upsetting or disturbing scenesBullyingLimited embracing and kissingMild sexual innuendoTobacco useViolent acts shown in clear, unequivocal and realistic detail with blood and tissue damage